Laura Hamade
Feb 7 · 3 min read

2018 saw plenty of growth for Artificial Intelligence in Lebanon, from a plethora of informative and interactive events and workshops to a number of real applications from all corners of the country. Beirut AI wrapped up the year with its fourth quarterly meet-up, an interesting event with Tech Stars, and Introduction to Self Driving Cars.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Beirut AI, it is a local community that is part of a global network of AI communities around the globe ( Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI, in all its forms, across businesses and companies, something referred to as Applied AI.

Here’s a quick recap of how Beirut AI grew the community in January.

Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making: A Close Look

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Beirut AI gave Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making: A Close Look at the Order of Engineers and Architects in Tripoli. Attendees were given an intriguing lecture and closer look into AI, as well as a hands-on workshop for building a predictive model. The code can be found on our Github repository here.

Learn to Code with Python

On Wednesday, January 30th Beirut AI and IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) gave a three-hour workshop at Beirut Digital District about the Python programming language. Speakers from Beirut AI and WIE took them through end-to-end data science processes, from collecting and exploring data sets, to applying machine learning algorithms, analyzing data, and visualizing it. The workshop ended with a hands-on experience where attendees used their prior basic coding skills, what they learned during the workshop, and the guidance of the speakers, to analyze real data.

Nuit des idées

On January 31, 2019, Beirut AI took part in “La Nuit des idées” hosted by The French Institute of Lebanon at Espace des Lettres, Beirut. The event’s 4th edition revolved around topics such as political, environmental, and technological daily challenges, and of course, Artificial Intelligence.

In order to pursue our mission, as previously stated above, we’ve collaborated with several universities across Lebanon who were happy to host Artificial Intelligence workshops for their students. Our recently launched university ambassador program reaches out to interested and supportive university students to help us initiate and encourage more AI-driven events on campus and introduce all students to these technologies, making it available knowledge for all.

January for Beirut AI was an interesting month full of fun, knowledge, and hands-on activities. February will include more workshops at universities, hands-on practice, and a continuation of last year’s NLP workshop. Beirut AI is also joining forces with Berytech to organize three monthly events for February, March and April. More details about these events will be shared soon.

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Beirut AI

Applied Artificial Intelligence in Lebanon

Laura Hamade

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Beirut AI

Beirut AI

Applied Artificial Intelligence in Lebanon

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