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Beirut AI Community Recap: July 2021

This month we have launched two programs that are at the essence of our mission and growth!

Beirut AI Community Aid

Beirut AI has launched its unique Community Aid Program. We believe that this program will support us to achieve one of our core goals. This is a step forward in accomplishing our mission of enabling everyone to have access to the tools & knowledge to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) while raising awareness about it. Learn more here.

Achieving this Goal through our Donation Program

In parallel, we have launched our Donation Program all for the sole purpose of raising funds to help our community. Through the help of our generous donors and partners, we will be able to provide our community aid to well-deserved AI enthusiasts who really need it. This is an inclusive step towards a better community regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality. Learn more here.

More from the Community

Being a member of Beirut AI is an opportunity that you can make the best of when engaging with other members of the community and growing together! In addition to the valuable interactions on mighty networks, we are having unforgettable Tuesdays with Beirut AI every month. Join us today!

Tuesday’s with Beirut AI
Beirut AI Community Members at Mighty Networks

Get Ready for Some Excitement this August

Beirut AI Bootcamp is back again this August! Get ready for some excitement as you connect with AI enthusiasts and build your theoretical and practical skills in the different AI fields including Data Science & Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Time Series Analysis, in only Three Weeks!

How will we do that in three weeks? We’ve collaborated with our community sponsor, Zaka, who has carefully designed the course, to teach you the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on the go with interactive hands-on coding sessions.

This August, the Bootcamp will have self-paced sessions where attendees will get access to pre-recorded course material on an online learning platform with interactive hands-on experience that you can watch at your own pace during the three weeks. Also, attendees will have regular live instructor-led office hours sessions with experienced instructors to ask questions and get to meet and connect with the different Bootcamp participants, and AI enthusiasts, like you, through weekly exciting gatherings. At the end of the Bootcamp, teams from 2 to 4 members have to ideate and build their own AI models. With one-on-one guided mentorship, they will be able to present their project on the last weekend in front of the jury.

For more information and to register for the event, check out our Bootcamp Website!



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