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Beirut AI Community Recap: March 2021

The membership program launch is the beginning of a truly rewarding journey.

Beirut AI Members Come Together

It was a pleasure to get to meet the new members of our community during our latest gathering as we introduced them to the community and the idea behind having a membership program.

An icebreaker competition was held with the aim of making sure everyone is having fun and getting to meet each other!

The next steps towards growing the Beirut AI Community are always being planned and taken in ways that aim to maximize the outcomes and bring everyone together. With enthusiasm and dedication, there is a lot to look forward to and be part of.

With that, there is no better way to improve the experience of our members than to get feedback and suggestions from them, and that was a discussion that took place during the meeting as we talked about the platform used for communication, new benefits, and events.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our community through the involvement of our valued members.

A Platform Yielding Better Interactions

Beirut AI members are now part of an interactive and informative network where they can exchange knowledge, get help on certain topics, contribute and collaborate together.

Members will be always engaged in meaningful and valuable interactions with each other, and we shall work on improving their experience with Beirut AI as we take the next steps of this journey together!

There is a lot to explore and what better place to start than within a vibrant community that is constantly on the lookout for the best of opportunities and connections to provide to its members. We are looking forward to welcoming members as we expand the capabilities of our community.

So you want to be part of our community? It’s never late to enjoy the journey with us as we learn, connect, contribute and grow together!

Preparing for Launch 🚀

Preparations for the upcoming and highly anticipated AI Weekend are going on behind the scenes to provide the best experience for everyone taking part in the three-day event starting on April 9th.

From workshops that will help participants get hands-on experience with AI to meetups that will enlighten and motivate everyone, it will be a weekend to remember!

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