what have we been up to?

“I’m Chris Millet, CQI Co-Chair and I’m with Lazy.”

This was my standard intro throughout last week at the Health Level 7 (HL7) meeting in Montreal. Then I would proceed with my fellow HL7 members on the engaging work of standards development. (I’ll leave the sausage making of standards development for a later post)

#views from the HL7 working group meeting in Montreal; thanks to my fellow CQI co-chair, Walter, for the photo

However when we get to one of the many breaks in day, there’s one question that naturally follows my standard intro: “so what are you working on these days?”

Outside of being a co-chair at HL7, people don’t really know what I do. By extension people don’t understand what it is that lazy does either. This partially by design. We spent the last year launching our PQRS registry, supporting clients developing eCQMs, and even completing Relevant Health, a Health IT accelerator program (For more info on it, check out this blog post from Sona Shah, another founder who went through the program, it’s awesome, she’s awesome, and so is her company, Neopenda)

This post is me lifting my head away from my laptop and hoping to shed some light on what lazy’s been up to.

I spend my days working at lazy, where we are hard at work to making the measurement part of value based care easier to implement.

Our first foray has been our PQRS registry, lazy pqrs, which streamlines PQRS submissions to CMS. We’ve just completed submissions for 2015, and we are getting ready to open up the registry for 2016 reporting year. That’s not all. We are also working on our measures API, measurease, to get vendors up and running ready to implement measures in days instead of weeks. Gone are the days when everyone needs to build their own data warehouse just to report on quality measures. Now, there’s an API for that.

For more info on either lazy pqrs, measurease, or the latest on lazy as a company, check out our new website www.thelazycompany.com
or follow our posts on medium where you’ll get our take on how the latest trends in the industry impact health IT and quality measurement.

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