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Belend Lending bot

Belend Plans & Pricing

Latest update: 2020/03/24

Belend lending bot plans and pricing

We have three plans for you: Beginner, Pro, and VIP.

For Beginner:
I tried to start my investment in crypto market and I’m a newbie.

For Pro:
I want to allocate assets in crypto market and trying to seeking high yield passive income investments.

For VIP:
I don’t want my funds idled and want somebody to help me the use of my fund in crypto market.

Payment options

Please contact the service team through the following official channels, and please provide your Belend account, purchased plan and months when you contacting us.

Subscription period: When you purchase the N-month plan, you can continue to use Belend for N months, at which time the subscription expiration date will increase by N months. Subscription expiration date: You can go to Belend and click the "Account" page to view "Subscription Expiration Date" to see your service expiration date. When the subscription expires, the robot will stop working.Example: Your subscription expires on 2020/01/01 12:00, after 2020/01/01 12:00, your robot will stop

Important: Belend’s official contact channel is only the above method, the service team will not privately send you messages or send you E-mail directly. If similar situations occur, please report to customer service to avoid being deceived.



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