The Rapid-Growth Playbook for Early-stage Tech Startups

Seven-time CEO, Eli Fathi shares his insights into quickly-growing unstoppable tech startups

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Apr 27, 2018 · 8 min read
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Eli Fathi, Mindbridge CEO

Building your management team

Start with common goals and vision

Build from the top

Lead, don’t manage

“When you have a doer, you give them the independence and magic happens. But when you have somebody who doesn’t know how to do but likes to manage… I might as well give up on that person.”

Push the work down

“If you want to scale up fast, push everything down. Give your team the responsibility, give them the authority and let them make small mistakes, or they’ll never grow.”

Mentor and coach

Growing the company

Start by marketing the company, not the product

“A lot of companies make the mistake of trying to go very fast across the board with multiple markets, then when you get a lot of requests, you just fail.”

Process, process, process

“Every startup has technology debt — they don’t have enough documentation; they just run like crazy. But then you also have documentation debt and process debt, and many companies suffer because of it.”

Document as you grow

Maintaining the momentum

Don’t panic!

If it’s not urgent and important, it can wait


Knowledge is the key to building transformative technology.

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Knowledge is the key to building transformative technology.