A Modern Template for Nonprofit Donor Management

At Bell+Cat we claim to be the simplest way to get organized at work. And when we say simple we mean it. We’re are always simplifying. And to honour that theme we wanted a way people could get started using Bell+Cat in less than 1 minute.

Less than 1 minute from not knowing we exist to getting on your way to being fully organized. So today we launched templates, a way to pick from a list of pre-created databases to get started quickly. All you have to do is start adding your data and yes they are fully customizable.

Our first two templates are for Nonprofits. They’re created by Deepa Chaudhary founder of Dutiee.com. A site about Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Nonprofits. Deepa also helped found “United Way Mumbai”. And was responsible for managing Salesforce Foundation initiatives across the Asia Pacific.

The templates are for “Modern Nonprofit Donor Management” and “Media Outreach”. Both are templates she’s used personally during her extensive career.


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