A Quickstart Guide To Bell+Cat

May 26, 2017 · 2 min read
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Bell+Cat is a web based organization tool. I like to think of it as a database created for humans to use. It’s focused on being easy, powerful and delightful.

There are a couple things to keep in mind. Bell+Cat stores all your data in your Google Drive account. Each file it creates (aka database) contains multiple tables and each table contains the data you entered. This is how your information is organized. The file that it creates in Google Drive is just a file like any other, you’re free to download it, copy it or share it.

Warning: When sharing a Bell+Cat file please remember to not give write permissions. If two people edit the same shared file at the same time you will overwrite each others work.

Create a new database
Just open Bell+Cat in a new tab in your browser and you have a new database to begin working with. As an example try this link https://bellpluscat.com/app to create a new Bell+Cat database.

What do I do now?
Now that you have a new empty database, first setup the tables to match your needs. For example say you want to use Bell+Cat to track customers. You will first click the “Setup Table” button to modify the current table, here you can change the table name, add new columns, change columns, etc. Bell+Cat supports various column types like text, numbers, drop-down selecting, file attachments, etc. If you need multiple tables use the “New” button next to the table tabs to create a new one.

Cool, now I’m ready to organize my information
To continue with the previous example (organizing customer information) you can now click the “Add Row” button see a popup with all your setup columns ready to be filled in. Add as many rows as you need.

Saving my data
Everytime you change the table or add new rows you will need to save the “Save” button will change color to black to signify that you need to save.

Thats all folks
Thats about it. Feel free to explore other features like “Views” I haven’t spoken about them here since this is just the quick start guide.


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