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Organize your work and life in Bell+Cat. Uses your existing Google Drive. Safe, Simple and Free! https://bellpluscat.com

On a cold San Francisco morning a lonely soul stood in a long line outside the Mission beach cafe. His stomach churned with pangs of hunger, he wondered aloud when would it be him. It was at that very moment an idea struck him. Ok that’s not me, that is some other dude and he’s got nothing to do with this story. So onto my story which starts across on the other side of the bay. It starts with me enjoying some great sunshine and with plans to take the year off. I was going to be taking the year to do a little traveling and the most exciting part, work on a couple of my own ideas.

Working on your own thing is a lot of work. It requires a lot of planning, organizing, talking to people and reaching out to a bunch of potential customers. I needed to put my thoughts down, manage tasks and lots of other such work. What I needed was a system, so I used what was available, Notes but that quickly got out of hand. Next up was a spreadsheet this worked kinda, but soon I hit a learning curve. How do I move a column, how do I filter the rows, how do I set a title on a column, how do I attach related files. I know what you’re thinking boo hoo this guy is too dumb to figure out spreadsheets. And you’re probably right but then again I had my real work to focus on and the steep learning curve frustrated me.

I had my work spread out across a notebook, notes and a couple badly formatted spreadsheets. I won’t say this was terrible, it worked but I craved a something better and simpler. I wanted something that appealed to me. Something that was simple to use, yet useful and would grow with my needs. Did I mention I was also not looking to shell out a ton of money for this. At the same time the little perfectionist inside me continued to tear at my heart strings until this was solved. I ignored that little devil and continued my work, a couple months passed and I found myself still thinking about the this problem. It’s always interesting when you find yourself still thinking about something or someone a while after first meeting. I decided to put other things on pause and explore these thoughts further. If something as simple as organizing information was still not dead easy then any improvements would potentially help a lot of people. The answer wasnt rocket science it was actually pretty simple. I needed a database, except I wanted a simple database. Something more human and less complicated. Also since I already had Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc, it would be nice if I could just use that instead of paying for one more thing.

So after a couple months of using this need as an excuse from doing any real work. I’m happy to share the first release of Bell+Cat a simple and super useful database like tool to help you organize. Just create the tables you need and add all the information you want. Your data is stored safely in your own Google Drive. And its quick to get started with, no signup needed. Also its totally free so enjoy!

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