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Bella Naughty Musings — Issue #3

Turkey day is coming soon, Gobble, Gobble. Why does that make me think nasty things? Halfway through November. Time flies when you’re jerking off. Hopefully, you have resisted the temptations of No-Nut-November, and kept the masturbation alive. Or maybe your partner has put you in chastity, fun. Anyway, here we go with the weekly newsletter.

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How to love a Hotwife

I’m still writing this novel for the Novel Writing challenge. I have been slow (I am actually working on three books), but I have them all linked now. Here is the latest one. If you haven’t seen them all, you can follow the link in each to go to the beginning and binge.

Sharing A Cock With My Best

June went along with Ben’s free use policy. And she’s blown away how much she loves the sex. Never knowing if a guy coming over will leave…

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New Content Pen Names

So, like most writers, I have multiple pen names. Because, like most, I like to write about original stuff. So… Olivia Mann and Mae B. Moody are also me. I use them to segment my work. Lately I have been writing more LGBTQ+ stuff as cuckold, and I heard you, not everyone is into it. Now that sissy cuckold stuff is headed over to Mae along with Hentai content I am developing. I would love you to follow all of my work, and I need the followers (100+) to keep those accounts a live, so please follow any content that you would like to see more of.

Mae B. Moody —

Edgy Erotica not for the faint of heart. Hentai, OmegaVerse, Gay, Lesbian, PI Taboo of the MM/FF sort.

Olivia Mann —

Horror, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Dystopian, Game dev and Sci-fi. This pen is mostly PG, HBO steamy without explicit erotica.

Some Hot Selections

What are this week’s getting folks hard or wet? The Novel is number one in all its episodes (See above), but here are some other stuff folks have liked.

Four Am and My Cunt Is Ready for

He’s the love of my life. He’s everything and I can’t live without him. That’s why I am his hotwife, and he’s my one and only stag.

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Lightning in a bottle…

I married late in life. Fifty-eight. And I went through a dating agency from overseas.

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My Mother in Law Cums To

My wife’s mother and father came to our house this year for Thanksgiving. Maybe with her mother helping with the baby, I can get laid.

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Well, we could go on…

But I have to get back to running the empire. So much to do. And hey, if there is content you would like to read, mainstream, erotica, whatever. Drop me a line and let me know… Until next week… XOXOX Bella



NSFW Writer of HBO Steamy Romance, Sci-fi and Mystery. I love doing short stories. Also on various book sellers @

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