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Bella’s Books: Spend quality me time this season.

Do more than look. I like when I get you off. Even if I don’t know you're doing it.

Store Index: Seasonal (Paranormal) / Hotwife / Age Gap / Babysitter / Free Use* / PI*

(*coming soon)

New Releases for October

Note: You can buy more than one at a time.

The shopping cart will retain your purchase information. Just come back to the page (in your tabs) and select a second book, and so on. Or you can pop on over to my store on pay hip and select all the books you want.

And if you're so inclined, you can find me on Amazon, Smashwords, and Eden Books as well, but my monthly coupons are for my own store only.



NSFW Writer of HBO Steamy Romance, Sci-fi and Mystery. I love doing short stories. Also on various book sellers @

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