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#GetMeOff! A Little PI Cuckold Should Do It…

It’s a marketing thing, sure, but how can you say no. This time I present a raw story, and a ways to interact with me! Mmmm.

Dicks and Pussies Oh My,

If you have not been out on twitter, you probably don’t know. I am embracing the dick pics and hot sexy pics from women. All of it. Why? Well, I get them anyway. Ironically, since I pinned the post on twitter, people stopped sending nasty pics. Let’s see if some of you have what it takes to inspire me. Send me a pic and a story prompt! #ChallengeAccepted

Life is, well, Life,

The powers that be are always lurking. There are just some things I can’t put out there. But I really want to. And some of you wanted to see the darker seedy side where things aren’t as pseudo, and werewolves don’t shift back, shall we say? So I reopened my Patreon and linked it to Book Funnel for even nastier stuff that I can self host. I have $3 and a $5 dollar thing going (monthly). To start, I posted “Ask Me Anything” which is a post at the $3 dollar level (normally it would be at the $5 level). So if you have a question and want to see more nasty stuff than I can post here (Respect the Medium) join me over there.

And now… A Taboo PI Cuckold by Bella Cooper.
Birds of a Feather, Fuck Together…

He looks like his dad, the arms, the thighs, fuck! They both turn me on, but he fucks like a jackhammer and isn’t the push over his dad is, and I like to be taken.

I was naked in the bathroom when my stepson came up behind me. Rubbing his cock on my ass. He’s an aggressive shit, and his mother couldn’t handle him, though I doubt he’s taken these liberties with her. Reaching around for my tits. I like the way he squeezes them hard, like he owns me. After last night when I bent over the couch for him, his beautiful fat cock rocking my world. He does, but I can’t let him know that.

“You need to take a bath, baby. You smell like sex.”
“I want to fuck,” he low key growled.
“You didn’t take me enough last night? Do what your mother tells you!”

He’s as hard-headed as me as he pulled down his boxers. I let him slide it in a moment, just as a tease. I’m just as stubborn as he is. He certainly did not get his alpha attitude from his simp of a father. I push him way, “What did I say. You want more of this, you’ll respect me,” I said, and I ran him a bath.

Reluctantly, he got in with his cock raging. I slipped in behind him to wash his back.
“Relax baby. Let me take care of you. Lean back against mama.”

I reached around and felt his cock under the suds. I loved the feel of it in my hand as I stroked him up and down.
“Fuck, you have such a nice cock, you didn’t get that from your dad,” I told him and kissed his shoulder. “I told your father, you know. About what we did.”
“You what?” he said, sitting up again. But I pulled him back and kept stroking.
“We have no secrets baby, a marriage can’t have secrets. I told him all about how you filled my pussy with your cream.”
“Shit mom,” he said. “Why the fuck did you tell him?”
“It’s Ok, he’s a simp like I said. I have him under control. I let him jack off on my tits and told him my pussy belongs to you now. I told him if he gives me any guff, I would cage him,” I said. “Now. Let’s really scrub that pole of yours.”

I got out and walked over to the sink, gave him a smile, and got some lube. Lubing up my asshole, I came back and let some water out of the tub. Got in and straddling his hips. I sank down on his cock. My ass spread open on his cock as I wiggled down the length.
“It’s been a while since I did anal. Do you like how tight mama’s asshole is? Fill me up with your cum, baby,” I say. He didn’t speak. His hold on my hips and his even harder cock told me what I needed to know as he slid in and out.

I rode him for a while, teasing him, edging him to frustrate and wind him up. It worked. He had enough and picked me up, bent me over in the tub, and pushed his cock back up my ass. Punishing me for teasing him. Ravaging my sensitive hole. But his ego needed a check. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me like a man,” I demanded, driving him wild.

His frustration and rage exploded at the tiny insult, and he fucked me silly. Finally, properly and deeply impaled, I could relax and enjoy him. I reached under and rubbed my clit. I came almost immediately, feeling the force of his thrusts. Then finally, he came inside me. I felt his hot young seed flooding my rectum. He was spent, sweating. I loved how his cock pulsed in my stretched hole.

“Better? Time to feed your father his breakfast. You wash up, you still smell like sex.” I said and sucked his cock clean for a moment.
“Yes Maam,” he said. That’s much better. He’ll learn his place, just like his father has.

I will have the prequel to this out on Patreon, and possibly a follow up… that goes down the rabbit hole of taboo. It’s not out there yet… I have no followers there, but It will be there soon, Sooner if folks show up!

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