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October 2022 Newsletter and Book Giveaways

Loktober, and Scary Shit.

No, not talking about alimony. But the little goblins that will soon rob you of sweets.

Writing, Writing, Writing… That’s what I do. I’m all over the place. So, if you would like some free stuff. I have books in four separate giveaways. See if you can find me. It will stiffen the pole, unless of course you're in a cock cage. lol.

The Books to Read this month.

Do go check out these book promotions. They are all free and downloadable. If you read them all, you would seriously damage your genitals trying to keep up. But this is an opportunity to stock up in case your internet goes down.

Remember to check out each one. They are all a bit different.

A little Wiggle and Giggle on the Ent’s old Cock.

Oxana was young, in demon terms, But still had the impulsiveness of youth. She reveled in the delicious sexual tickles she could bestow on humans and make them give in to desire. One such young lady was Hazel, a child of Salem in the year 1692.

Those were festive times indeed. Oxana frolicked among the humans, puritans they were called. Corrupting so many. The repressed always fall easily. Her mother would not approve of such easy pickings, but Oxana was young and carefree. So young, in fact, she had yet to meet a truly dark human soul that could revel in the twisted mind of a succubus. One that she found in Hazel.

Hazel sat quietly in church, as a good girl should. Her sisters being chastised as harlots for speaking to boys, Hazel knew better. She knew the dark thoughts of fantasy and the feelings it gave her between her legs. What she would not give to relieve herself. But it would be a sin. So, she went about her days, perpetually wet between the legs.

“Mother, what is it to be a wife,” Hazel asked the haggard woman hunching over the cauldron of wax. They were making tallow candles today.
“Come my child. I will show you,” she said. “Hold out your hand.”

Hazel did as her mother had asked unquestionably. Her mother dripped one drop of wax on the palm of her outstretched had. The shock of the heat made her recoil. “You see. That is what it is like. Your husband's searing heat, that you endure until his root is as shriveled as a weeks-old carrot. They take their liberties, and you are left with the mess. The pain of children, one after the other, until his loins or your womb run dry.”

Hazel winced, having left the drop of wax in her had. “Yes, mother,” she said. Her hand trembling. Hazel felt the intense burn and wanted another. She had never been so excited.
“I can do this, Hazel. Candles are no witchcraft. Go gather wood.”

Hazel’s hand had quieted now. The tallow now hard, still welded to her palm. She wanted more. Perhaps, tonight, she could use her candle to drip more on herself. Perhaps even the soft, vulnerable skin of her clit. For she barely felt it when she washed. The wax might do the trick, all without the touch of another, or even herself. A sin free luxury.

As she skipped to the darkest part of the forest, a young woman did she spy. She had never seen anyone here before? “Hello?” Hazel called. The young girl was gathering wormwood. “What are you doing?”

“Hello and good day to you. I am gathering wormwood for my mother, she is trying to brew an elixir.”
“What sort of elixir?” Hazel asked.
“One that will make the mind of men blur. I am Oxana,” she said.

Hazel looked the odd girl up and down. Her dress was common, not of a Puritan. She was slight, but very mature in the bust for what seemed to be perhaps nineteen.
“You're talking about spirits. Your mother brews beer and the like,” Hazel said.
“Yes,” Oxana said.
“Why? It is a sin to imbibe, no good man would.”
“All men would, but not in mixed company. Good men would do many things, where do you think babies come from.”
“I should not speak of such things with you,” Hazel said.
“Then who? Has your mother taught you of the joys, as my mother has?” Oxana asked.

The words stunned the young Hazel. What joy would there be in your husband relieving himself inside you, as her mother said, “until his root was as shriveled as an old carrot.” No one had mentioned joy?

“What are you on about, Oxana. Joy is not to be had as a wife, it is duty.”
“Perhaps you have been misled,” Oxana suggested.
“The proof is in the pudding, Oxana. You make the claim, now bear it out. Where in the scripture…”
“Ah… no, not scripture, in something older. Something primal, your body. You have but ply your husband with elixir and then have your way with him. He will not complain, you will have joy and many children. Perhaps even with many men as you like,” she said.
“Marry many men? You are mad!”
“I said nothing of marriage, good boys share,” Oxana said.
“As I said. You are mad.”
“Come, just over here,” Oxana said. “Free your will, and open yourself to my words.”

Oxana led Hazel to a fallen tree. Old and decrepit as it was. There was a broken branch, perhaps a foot long, and thick as her wrist. Oddly, carved into what looked like a male member.
“It is a fallen Ent,” Oxana said. “He will not harm us. He lays still, but I doubt he would mind if he were alive.”
“What do you mean?”
“Let me show you.”

Oxana straddled the log and lifted her dress. She slipped down over the branch, her womanhood split wildly as Hazel watched wide eye’d. Oxana skillfully rode up and down, the branch now glistening with slick fluids. She was sure that Hazel would run at any moment. But instead, she drew closer.
“Does it hurt?” Hazel asked.
“So good,” Oxana said. “Feel my nub, see how it hardens. I am about to cum.”

Hazel watched in fascination as Oxana rode the pole. And an instant later, her fluids erupted from her crotch as Oxana writhed in delicious agony.
“I want to try. Can you please show me how?” Hazel asked with intent.
“You should disrobe your first time.”

Hazel made haste to disrobe, her nude form on full display to Oxana. Hazel looked at the slick pole now, feeling inadequate to perform as Oxana had. She trembled, getting up on the log, beginning to squat. Afraid but excited to try, the warm, moist wood made contact with her as she descended. Oxana guided her hips to the right spot.

“It’s far too tight,” Hazel said.
“Until you have taken your maidenhead, it will be. But that will pass.”
“My maidenhead? But that is to be for my husband.”
“Believe me when I say, your wedding night is not the time you want this to happen. Your husband would wish you experienced, though he would not say.”
“Truly, but I can make it easier.”

Oxana bent over and licked Hazels pussy. Slowly circling hazels clit until finally snaking her forked tongue up the tiny tight hole. The taste of her virgin cunt made Oxana shiver with a small orgasm. So sweet these puritan girls were.
“Lower,” Oxana said and pushed Hazels hips down. Impaling her on the Ent’s long quiet cock. The delicious moans filled Oxana with energies far beyond her imagination. Oxana felt her clit grow as Hazels maidenhead tore and opened her womb as a woman.

“Oh… This is indeed without compare. I love this,” Hazel said as her sexual scents penetrated Oxana’s senses. Her clit now fat and hard, she was transforming like never before. Her breasts more sensitive than ever, a cock grew between her legs. Erect and powerful, the cock of an incubus, but on her feminine frame.

Hazel pounded herself silly on the magical dildo, her mind was blown by the intensity of each stroke to her virgin pussy. She felt herself being stretched and longed for even more. But then, she saw Oxana’s transformation and smelled the scent of her, sulfur and lilac. As the massive balls forms, hung below her equally massive cock, Hazel could not help herself.
“I need you Oxana, please, fuck me,” Hazel begged. Lifting off the wooden cock and opening herself for this unholy union.

Oxana had never managed the transformation before, but she liked it. Power coursed through her veins, and nothing could stop her.
“We have come this far,” Oxana said. “Why not a little further.”
“Anything you want. Take my wanton cunt. I can wait no longer.”

Oxana straddled the log now in front of the first pussy she would get to fuck properly. Her massive cock slid into Hazel’s newly opened pussy. The virginal blood still dripping. Hazel might have been torn in two had she not just rode out her virginity on the Ent.

Oxana had a surge of strength she had never felt before. A powerful urge to breed Hazel came to her, and she grabbed her hips and fucked her deep. As they fucked, Hazels legs wrapped around her waist, Her full demonic self exposed, red skin, horns and bat wings. Oxana slowly lowered Hazel’s ass onto the ancient ent’s cock.
“Ohhhhh, ohhhh, this is deliciously evil,” Hazel said. An orgasm ripping through her body. “Yes, Ohhhhh. I think you have spoiled me for any other.”

Oxana pushed deep, her balls full of demonic seed. She realized just at this instant, her transformation was due to Hazel, she was a witch. For only a true witch can be the consort of hell. Oxana’s cock twitched at the thought of having corrupted Hazel and awakened, in her, dark magics. She fucked Hazels sweet cunt and with one last thrust, she seeded her first witch. Her demonic seed pulsing out of her cock into the witch's womb.

Spent and elated, Oxana now unable to hide her form as she lay in the meadow. Hazel lay on top, kissing her.
“You have known me by the cunt Oxana, and it was glorious. To have lost my innocence to you. Will I become pregnant?”

“No, I am not a feral incubus. Not yet. But the seed will open your third eye, and make you strong with magic. It will keep you young, though you can appear any age you wish. Or ,so I have read.”
“Are you not certain?”
“You were my first,” Oxana said. Her cock now subsided, her form now more human save the horns that still graced her head. “What shall we do next?” she asked Hazel.
“Teach me the sapphic ways of love. Teach me to make the elixirs to blur the minds of men and women, that I might work this magic upon them.”

Oxana smiled. Hazel was so deliciously evil, and tasty, as she turned to 69 with her, her forked tongue now tasting Hazels virginal blood sacrifice.

Hazel knew now she could both resist or beguile anyone. She was in charge, no longer the puppet of a husband. But that she would have to remain silent. A good girl, sitting quietly in church, and keep the evil thoughts within her, for now.

Building a Book Store

On my publication, there is a new feature taking shape. It’s my book store. Transactions are handled by PayHip and support for downloads are by Bookfunnel. I know, you like Amazon, or iTunes. But this option lets me sell without the middle man. Cheaper for you. Less overhead for me. :)

October Coupon For 25% off. NUPWJ6JP0Z (first 50 customers)

So… Till next time…





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