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May 2022 Newsletter

So… I’ve been busy fooling around (with stuff). How about you?

Digital Art by Bella Cooper. (Forever his, but you can always watch)

“So. You’re really good with this. That I have a boyfriend?” I asked my husband.
“It’s all I imagined since I was 14,” he said.
“Wow, 14? Really? Do tell,” I said, a little curious but not surprised.
“Well, you know about the stash. But there was the neighbor, Oscar.”
“Ok. Go on.”
“He caught me spying on his wife. He wasn’t mad, but he asked if I wanted to see something a little more sexy. So…”
“So. What,” I said, grinning, waiting for the admission, whatever it was.
“Well, I watched him fuck his wife. She was… Wow, Laura was so sexy, and the angle. Watching her getting fucked. I was hooked. God, I loved it.”
“Ok. I get it, you're a pervert. I love that. And I love you can share that with me. It makes sense why you like to watch. But… Honey, I… You said. And I have, you know. God, I… It’s so awkward to tell my husband how much I love another man.”
“It’s OK. Don’t you see? That’s how it should be. That’s how it was for Oscar and his wife. It wasn’t just the fucking, it was their passion, the love. I painted the side of Oscar's house so many times.”
“And you can see that?”
“I can feel it when I see you in bed with him. Spreading your legs, the kissing, the way you move. When you cum, it’s. Not fucking, not an act. You feel it, and I love that. How you look, so satisfied, so well fucked.”
“I love you. You know. So much,” I said, a little emotional now. We kissed as I lifted my little black dress, and I got on top of him in his big, comfy chair. Sliding his cock into my used, cum filled pussy. “I’m his for a little while. It’s so intense, he makes me cum so hard. But baby, you will always be the one I want to watch.”

After my hot wife vacation, I let myself fall hard for a guy and haven’t looked back. But it’s not all me. My husband finally has the hot wife he’s fantasized about all this time. All in, balls deep. Giving my heart as well as myself. It’s so much more natural and relaxed this way, not a performance art. To be in love, even if only for a while.

And that’s what it is, a transient love, a point-in-time with no expectation of it lasting. Letting it burn hot and bright in ways we rarely do when we are pacing ourselves for a lifetime. My husband is my lifetime, but the men I get to let love me, well.

Art Work and Book Covers

I fool with artwork off and on. I took a class at the local college and the very young, very talented girls I sat next to would doodle on the tablet, making the most incredible art just fooling around. So, I looked at digital painting and I have some up on Etsy now. Stuff that inspires me.

I also have book covers, just a few, but I am adding more. Erotica at first at a good price that makes more sense than $60 bucks a pop. Hell, I write a book a week when I am cranking and that’s just too expensive. So, $20. All my art is in the same store.

The Website is taking it in the Ass for the book, again…

Oh, Christ. What can I say? I am still working on the editor systems, so I can easily get stuff up there. So as I fool around with Editor.js libraries, I am looking forward to it because I want to do some off the hook stuff.

But Alas… I am writing a book. So, it has to wait. The book is up for preorder, so keep your eye out for it.

Subscriptions to my dirty mind

As always, all things will run through SubScribeStar.Adult That will not change.



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