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Sexy Micro-fiction on Social Media sources I write on.

TikTok Tales and Twitter Tingles

Some of my little teaser videos from TikTok, And the stories on medium the go to… Yes, I am trying to get banned again (JK). Also, some Twitter Tingle Threads.

Original Hentai Comic Illustrated and Written by Bella Cooper.

While the titles slide around a bit, this is an index to the flash fiction I put up here and there to draw you to the longer tales here on medium and in my book store.

Why Hentai Illustrations?

I am doing the Hentai cartoons to try to stay out of the dog house. Cartoons I make aren’t real people, so I can make them sexy AF and I have the copyright. And in my case, I draw them very PG for public consumption (Well, Mostly)

Speaking of Hentai, some of my stories on Twitter and TikTok will come out as Hentai comic strips with music and such. because, why not, after all cartoons offer better opportunity to do steamy pictures. Then they will become full written stories.

TikTok Tales 🍒🍆

TikTok Tales are a new experience I am trying out. It gives me a chance to play with video editing and captioning. I'm still getting a feel for how they work.

Should Have Known Better…. (TikTok)

Should have known better than to bet my wife's pussy. (Medium)



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