The freedom of freelance

– by lifestyle and travel writer, Jordan Bunker

When I was coming to the end of my university degree, I couldn’t find a job that excited me. But, the idea of working and traveling at the same time (as long as I had my laptop and camera) did. It’s something that still excites me every time I open up my laptop. As a freelance writer, I’m in charge of where I am at any time.

Connections and collaboration

I recently traveled to Nottingham, UK (just a short journey from my home base in Leicester) to meet up with fellow blogger Matthew Pike, and some of the other creatives who keep the city ticking. I still get a real thrill stepping foot in a new city. Finding the independent stores and cafés that really give a city its flavor. Luckily for Nottingham, there are plenty of these spots — that makes it easy to get a lot done. First stop is always a decent caffeine hit…

After getting some work done and completing a bit of a knowledge exchange with Matt, we visited some designers for more inspiration. Doing what I do offers me the privileged position of having interesting conversations with the people that make brands what they are. It’s important to me to try and meet the people behind the emails and Instagram accounts and make real connections. Only then do I feel I’m able to get a true understanding of a brand. It helps me learn about the work that has gone into the end product, and the extra insights and snippets that you don’t get from a press release.

Planning ahead

As a freelance writer, I’m in charge of where I am at any given time. To make sure everything gets done, I’ll plan ahead on the Sunday evening before the week begins. Take this week for example: Knowing I was going to be away Tuesday and Wednesday, I assigned the rest of my weekly to-do list for the days I had available, in order to feel organized and free up some headspace. Monday’s list included packing in the evening to make sure I remembered my essentials. Among them is always my cardholder — it’s a lot more practical to travel with than a full wallet, and helps prevent rubbish from building up. I don’t want to be pulling out last month’s train tickets and invalid passes while looking for my card.

It’s all part of trying to remain as organized as possible and staying on top of small tasks like clutter.

Be organized and make it happen

Having the ability to work from anywhere is really very handy — if you’re organized enough to make the most of it. You only really need a pen, notebook and cardholder to get things moving. The latter to pay for the caffeine fuel that is customary when working to freelance deadlines…

For me, it’s now time to recharge, spend some time behind the desk and start planning the next trip.

Jordan Bunker wrote this article in partnership with Bellroy. At Bellroy, we’re curious about the lifestyle and choices surrounding digital nomads, and the tips and tools that help freelancers work from anywhere.