#bellwetherdiaries S01E01 — Pilot

If you’re reading this, welcome to the first episode of #bellwetherdiaries! First things first, we are not the continuation of The Vampire Diaries on Medium. No vampires here. Zero. Quite the contrary, #bellwetherdiaries is a Medium show about our entrepreneurial journey. If you’re wondering, what on earth is going on, who is “we” and why in the world you are even reading this, bear with me for one or two more paragraphs to find out what’s happening. The short version: My co-founder Alex (Hi Alex!) and me founded a company. After a long day’s work and a couple of beers we had the most relevant subway ride of our lives. (Pardon the overstatement, but hey, we are on TV, uuh, Medium.)

We figured, it’s a great idea to document our progress on our company. We also figured that everyone loves a good series. So, instead of taking down weekly minutes of our work so far (boring!), we decided to create #bellwetherdiaries, a real-life and (almost) real-time weekly series about our journey as entrepreneurs. It’s like 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, well, just without Kiefer Sutherland.

The format is quite simple: Alex and I are going to post alternatingly about what has happened throughout the last week. So, it’s one episode per week and we air on Medium every Tuesday at 5pm UTC. This is 1pm in NYC and 7pm in Vienna.

Behind the curtains

Why we do this? First, accountability—by committing ourselves to publishing an episode per week publicly, we would have a hard time to procrastinate. On the one hand, it keeps us motivated to progress week by week. On the other hand, we don’t want to be tempted to postpone the documentation, as memories want to be written down when they are still fresh.

Personally, I love to read stories of failure and success of historical figures, businessmen etc. But most of them have one thing in common. They are written in hindsight. Which makes them biased, as we tend to forget important details and circumstances or leave things out that we didn´t enjoy.

But finally, it’s these details and circumstances that have a great impact on whether you are successful or not (book tip on that very topic: Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers). By writing live, we can and will be brutally honest with ourselves and with you. Also, we believe in Gary Vaynerchuk’s content creation mantra “document, don’t create”. Finally, this is also a strategic play to create a stronger connection between ourselves, our clients, the influencers we work with and maybe even future investors.

One of the most important reasons to achieve this, is to get feedback, ideas, experiences and related stories from you, our readers. This makes #bellwetherdiaries an interactive series, where you can contribute to what’s going to happen. By the way, I think we are going to see this kind of show on Netflix rather sooner than later.

Sneak peek

If you got this far, you might be wondering, what our company is about and why and how we funded it. The circumstances are rather special, so we are going to cover them in Episode 2 which took place between the 6th and 12th of March 2017. Due to the personal format of our show, you are inevitably going to get to know us quite well. Nevertheless, I just want to give you a quick intro on who we are. We are both grad students at the Vienna School of Business and Economics in Austria. Both of us just got back from an exchange semester, Alex went to Mexico City and I spent my time abroad at UT Austin, Texas. Hook ‘em Horns!

This is not our first entrepreneurial experience, we both had individually founded a company before. What lead us to start a company during our last semester at university together? A course on entrepreneurship called “Startin’ Up” which is part of our Master Program and Hearthstone. A lot of Hearthstone.

On a more serious note, our entrepreneurial experience has taught us one thing: The team is the crucial variable. If you cannot spend day and night with your co-founder or your co-founders without annoying the hell out of each other, you won’t get far. If you don’t connect on a personal level, there’s no point in running a business together. Alex and I got lucky. Although we are in business school, we have a—at least somewhat — diverse background. Alex is versed in sales, while I got a consulting background.

Aaaand cut! That’s it for our first episode. In our next episode, we are going to reveal the initial ideas that we had for a variety of businesses and of course, what idea we picked and how we arrived at our decision. Tune in next Tuesday, April 11th at 5pm UTC.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to recommend it below. As the creators of #bellwetherdiaries, it means the world to us. We are excited to hear from you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Last but not least, make sure to follow us on Medium to be a part of our journey to world domination.