Our Story Turns Into History

“I told my story, and made history” -Aubrey Drake Graham

When I listened to the song Crew Love by Drake feat. The Weeknd for the first time, that was the only lyric that stood out to me. It consumed me for a while, because I would think of his of his career and how a lot of his songs were about his come up. The way he told his story has now put him on the map as one of the best entertainers and artists of all time. He essentially has made history.

Official Logo for Belong To The Ages

Belong To The Ages is an idea that sprouted from other ideas. It comes from the idea of why should someone want it more. I knew from the beginning of my life that whatever I wanted to with my life, I wanted to be the best at it. Belong To The Ages is the starting point for being the best teacher alive by making students more accessible to learn, by making teachers more connected, and by helping students create the right impact around the world.

I just hope at some point our story will be history.

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