All the “anti-gay” Bible verses Christians cite are 100% fake

A religion badly misrepresented its supposedly sacred text

Jonathan Poletti
I blog God.


In the Christian world, arguing about God and gays is pretty much a way of life. Most every day, the Bible verses will be flying at high velocity.

I grew up in church and heard it all—a lot. But how believable was it that ancient sacred teachings from Heaven boiled down to hating a sexual minority? That didn’t sound like God.

That sounded like Christians.


I went in for a look at the Bible verses the religion uses for its anti-gay crusade.

They ended up being a whole lot of fake. Here’s the bigger picture. Christianity essentially runs on mistranslations. The Bible was written in dead languages, and what it “means” is often just a mystery.

But the religion explained its own “rules” in references to passages that, on scrutiny, become quite different texts. To examine Christian references for most every sexual issues — masturbation, divorce, etc. — one finds a haze of weirdly translated passages and heavy doses of “interpretation.”