In a shock interview, the Pope says humans are “good”

And now Christians are fighting about it

Jonathan Poletti
I blog God.


The words didn’t seem too Christian. “We are all fundamentally good. Yes, there are some rogues and sinners, but the heart itself is good.”

I’m watching the shock interview with Pope Francis, posted yesterday by 60 Minutes? Was this really the leader of the conservative Catholic church? His religion is reeling at their most core teaching being reversed.

To be Christian is to usually be told: the heart is evil.

Pope Francis c.2023 (edited)

The most foundational of all Christian teachings is that humanity is very, very bad.

The idea in Christianity is that you’re bad at birth—and just get worse until you get religion. Why else would you need to become Christian? The church, in its view, is needed to change a “bad” person into a “good” one.

So if Pope Francis comes along and says the ‘heart is good’, he really throws a wrench into the machine.

Curiously, official Catholic media was paying little notice.