Let’s look at the Kehinde Wiley sex scandal

A superstar painter on Christian themes isn’t so divine

Jonathan Poletti
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*Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault and rape.

Kehinde Wiley (edited)

Accusations of sexual assault have recently been made against the superstar painter Kehinde Wiley. I’m trying to understand the evidence.

It started on May 19th, when an artist in Ghana posted to Instagram an account of an interaction in 2021. Shortly after meeting at his loft for an event, Joseph Awuah-Darko said, Wiley had “groped” him, and later there was a “violent” sexual encounter.

Kehinde Wiley denied the accusations, and had receipts. He said they’d had a one-night stand and that Awuah-Darko had remained apparently obsessed with him, as documented in social media postings, some of which Awuah-Darko had attempted to delete just prior to making his charges.

So that was a little suspicious? To me. it looks like a gay man wanted to date Wiley. They hooked up and Wiley never pursued it, then the guy retaliated.

But then three other men took to Instagram to give accounts of Wiley being sexually aggressive.