The #1 Christian author is being put on trial by her religion

Sarah Young‘s spiritual fate will be decided — a year after she died

Jonathan Poletti
I blog God.


In 2004, an unusual book was published by a Christian publisher. It seemed to be the Bible rewritten as a cosmic therapy session. And was the therapist…Jesus?

The author, Sarah Young, left the suggestion. She was a therapist in real life, and her book, Jesus Calling, sold 45 million copies. But all along the way, there were protests from her own religion.

Sarah Young in 2019 (publicity photo); “Jesus Calling” hardcover

Many Christian leaders say that Jesus speaks to them.

To say that Jesus has spoken to you and communicated insights, directions, etc., is not even controversial. But to write a book that features Jesus in long monologues was a little startling.

Sarah Young never explicitly says she does that. She flirts with the idea. She writes of a “warm mist” enveloping her one night, suggesting contact with the divine was made, and then “personal messages from God” began to flow. The book has an apparently divine voice speaking.

“I am with you at all times, encouraging and supportive rather than condemning. I know that deep…