The Nashville school shooter was a trans Christian horror story

More writings by Audrey/Aiden Hale are released

Jonathan Poletti
I blog God.


Trigger warning: Themes of gender identity crisis, violence, murder and religion.

In religion, there’s stories that range from beautiful to truly terrible. I figure they should all be told, and am returning to the worst: Aiden Hale, the trans school shooter in Nashville in 2023.

A former student of a Christian school returned on March 27, 2023 to kill six people, including three kids. In early news reports, Aiden was described as “very religious.”

School shootings are typically ‘Christian’ events. They’re as Christian, indeed, as terrorist attacks are assumed to be Muslim. The template was set by the Columbine shooting in 1999, which were loaded with religion. As Jordan Peterson wrote, the Columbine shooters “had a problem with reality that existed at a religious depth.”

But sexuality seems often to be in the mix. As the Columbine killers were Christian and often thought to be gay, the school shooting story is typically a dangerous intersection of religion and sexuality—as queer Christian youth turn to violence to resolve an…