Application Letter

Recently I have been looking for a home for several of my alts, no only in order to generate funds for my PvP habits but also to meet new and interesting people and learn new ways to lose my starships. This is how I structured my application letters and I admit, it was a rather hasty thing I wrote, but many of the recruiters complimented it, some going as far as to say it was the best application they’d ever received, thus making me decide to publicize it to the general public.

‘No applicants today? Phew… time for some Ergruk gin…’

I must not take too much credit for it however, as it was my experience being a recruiter and a CEO for my own corps in the past that has given me the insight into what recruiters need to know, in general, to dive into the specifics that will either get you accepted or rejected by their corporation.

Although in-game formatting allows for lots of colors and interesting bolding/patterning, Medium shall not disappoint us much with its pretty typing and superb cleanliness, even if there is no quick way to ‘justify’ the text in its white tabula.

I am currently a lowsec pvper with extensive background on harvesting during my eve career. Got back to eve a couple months ago and am looking for a place to operate my mining accounts out of [5 barges/exhumers].
Your advert stated you are able to provide ships and security and that you have an already established ORE and PI buyback program, not to mention the juicy full Rorqual boosts available 24/7, making for a perfect fit for my accounts.
I have run my own corps in New Eden, having led over a hundred players at a time and smaller groups most of times. The summary of what I’ve done can be simplified as such:
- high-sec war squads [15+ members pilots];
- wormhole colonization corp [100+ pilots];
- nullsec mining and skirmish pvp corp [30+ pilots];
1 — Although I am not looking to participate in activities other than mining I am easily seduced by pvp operations and some of the accounts which I’ll be mining with are combat capable to an extent (Interdictors — Tech IIIs — bcs);
2 — I own eight eve online accounts, currently only this is active and my desire is to bring five more online for mining;
3 — I do not afk mine;
4 — I do not use auto-pilot in nullsec (some alliances ask that question and I can say that I do not use auto-pilot at all, lest I am baiting a gank squad…);
5 — When I fly Bastion Mode its PvP — I do not loose Marauders horribly in the most obvious ganks as some pilots remarkably seem to manage;
6 — I do occasionally fly drunk lest it be against corp policy;
( your security officers and counter-espionage folks love this kind of reading, though you may decide to skip it without consequence ):
There’s really not much to the high-sec part of my career: started out as a miner right away, met a nice guy who taught me many things and flew with me during first week of trial period, planned ways to have a market hub deep inside wormhole space, lots my first ships, NEVER got flipped while jet-can mining and ended up getting recruited by a then-medium-sized mining corp [80+] led by a very nice italian man, NOTTURNIA.
From there I learned the ropes of pvp and ended up staying the the Metropolis region of minmatar space, flying between lowsec and highsec in the Ergruk area. AZHI became ALHI by the influence of my second mentor in eve and thus I became more and more interested in combat. We eventually formed PHXSS and started flying with a bunch of nice guys in the area just in small scale pvp.
After living under these constraints I created my own corp and moved to a C2 static nullsec anoikis system, which may have been a very bad choice indeed, but suited our needs and endeavorous spirit at the time. That corp reached over a hundred members and was active 24/7.
After one of our co-founders and great friend of mine passed away (a fine gentleman from North Carolina, USA) we withdrew from wormhole space and weeks later were running a mining operation in the Great Wildlands. Ore compression and logistics were on our own account with Rorqual and multiple carriers shipping the ore to lowsec space where we had contacts who purchased all of our production.
Months later I took a break from New Eden, with some intervals of activity and a short nullsec tour on my own under Empire of the Forsaken, at the time a corp who flew under Gentlemen’s.Club.
After this we have present time history which revolves a short tour in Gallente Militia’s ranks and recent co-foundation of a lowsec privateer corp.

There are several things one could deem useful and give props for in this construction, and several reproachable ones. Here’s what I think are the most obvious ones:

  1. Who you see yourself as and what are you good at
  2. Why did you decide to apply to that specific corporation — besides being a dirty SPAI, we know you’re a SPAI, GRAAWWRRR! — says that chubby guy with square glasses and a paranoid demeanor in the back table of the HR’s quarters…
  3. The biggest and most notable accomplishments in your eve-career
  4. Prove you know some of the dos and don’ts of the community you seek to be a part of, show you’re not a total baby whose hands they’ll have to hold through every single step and give them the specifics of what you’re willing to partake in. BE REALLY HONEST ABOUT THIS PART.
  5. People don’t like flying with morons and if you are one, then I’m sorry about this but all the places to be will try to measure your intelligence or part of it to some extent. I’ve found that many well organized groups do so in the form of an essay, much like a college application or a position test. Take this opportunity to give them references (use the in-game auto-link feature!) that may shorten the length of their background checks. DO NOT TRY TO MISLEAD THEM FOR THEY WILL FIND OUT AND LAUGH AT YOU FOR EVEN TRYING THIS.
Everyone has seen this, I know, I know.

Those are my two cents on corporation hunting and hopefully it enables the more veteran eve players to find new corporations faster and with more precision. I’m afraid it might not help the eve-newbies in a significant way though.