Burden of Authority

Astartes Class Command Ship — picture by Asheteroti© originally posted on his awesome article about the ‘Rise of the Support Class’ and his vision on force multiplier shenanigans in New Eden’s PvP meta.

As some may know, I have led over a hundred people in EVE Online. After coming back the game from a short hiatus I find myself in the opposite role, that of the follower.

Met with several obstacles we are struggling to set a cohese playstyle and a routine of productive enjoyment, obstacles which I’ve recently addressed with those members in the corp more inclined to face them than to run. Among them is obviously my supreme leader, our Chief Executive Officer.

I want to share this is part of the letter I recently sent to him, a courageous eve player that is much younger (eve-younger) and much less experienced (eve-experienced) than myself but who is bravely leading our band through the realities of nullsec.

This is one of the many reasons I am no longer a CEO in New Eden: because simply it takes too much of one’s time and effort as it is just like being a CEO out of the game. Honestly I do not envy your current responsibility in these matters but if you’ve put yourself into this position then I believe it is for a reason and it is the same reason for which I undertook this path many years ago.
Those of us with a vision and a drive to see it through have that which inspire others to follow.
More importantly we have the courage to try. We have the courage to fail. A quality lacking in 95% of human life out there.
If I were to give you one piece of advice it would be to empower your followers as much as you can. That has nothing to do with corporate management and roles and hierarchy however. That has to do with creating the opportunities people need to bloom into full-fledged capsuleers.
Create the infrastructure your members deem necessary for them to operate and live and become one with this area of space. Focus on one problem at a time. As a CEO you are assaulted with various demands from various directions and must provide ways for them to solve themselves. As a leader you are assailed with various uncertainties from each and all member and must seem unappalled in face them so your followers remain confident. As a businessman you must create value for those that deal with you: your alliance, your contractors, your workers. As an eve player you must create content that is interesting for those surrounding you.
The degrees of frustration you are in the verge of facing are available to very few and in very limited lifestyles.
In the end I think you’ll find CEOship is like a mirror that will point each and every flaw of your own character to yourself, constantly needling your pride and testing your mettle.
In the end, despite this being just a game, the trials and tribulations you’ll face will seem very real.
In the end, you’ll have won if you find out that even with all your flaws, even with all your failures and all that ‘could have been’, ‘could have done’ are no demerit, despite your imperfections, no one else was there to do the job YOU set yourself to.
The defeats along the way are just that, the casualties along the way are just that. There is no shore upon which to break.
There is only the going.
Yours truly, 
Havoc Lamperouge.

I hope he achieves his vision for we are all counting on him.

Picture of a speeding Stork Class Command Destroyer originally published on Mukk Barovian’s© thorough review of the class