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[Announcing] Belt Finance- Linear Finance Partnership

We’re very excited to be announcing a new strategic partnership between Belt Finance and Linear Finance.

Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows the creation of synthetic, liquid assets. LINA tokens serve as the base collateral to mint these liquid assets. The Linear Exchange provides unlimited liquidity for Liquids and uses Band Protocol to have quick price feeds for traders. In time, Linear Finance users will be able to access synthetic traditional assets and ultimately equities in the near-term.

Belt Finance CEO, TK Park, said, “Linear is a great partner for Belt Finance as their synthetic ℓ-assets hold great promise when used in a protocol like Belt, where pool pairings are tokens with similar/same origin. Partnering with Linear will bring a lot of value to both our ecosystems.”

This new partnership will bring benefits to both and Linear. The following are a few initial details of what is to come:

  • Linear assets will be added to Belt Finance pools. These include but are not limited to ℓUSD, ℓBTC, ℓBNB, and ℓETH. As Linear allows the creation of any synthetic asset, the possibilities are endless.
  • Connection of existingBSC tokens to Linear assets on Belt Finance.
  • Linear will cooperate with the Belt Finance protocol to provide users with more advantageous liquid asset solutions, more types of investment exposure, and better liquid product experience.

From the Linear CEO, Kevin Tai said, “We are excited to partner with Belt Finance as this further expands the use cases for our synthetic assets (liquids) into not just yield initiatives for users but also cross-asset swaps.”

Belt Finance has established itself to be one of the largest DeFi protocols on BSC in terms of TVL. To continue growing and improving, we are adding reliable, innovative partners. We look forward to creating great synergy as we grow the BSC ecosystem together with Linear.



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