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Belt Finance: 2022 Roadmap is a stableswap AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HECO Chain, and Klaytn with low fees/slippage that also provides aggregation through vault compounding, lending, and yield generation for maximum returns.
Belt Finance’s stableswap AMM offers users the most efficient way to swap their stablecoins by offering significantly lower slippage than alternative swap protocols. Belt Finance is also focused on giving users the best yield through a combination of trading fee rewards and a multi-strategy optimization vault system. By utilizing multiple strategies simultaneously, minimizes dependence on anyone protocol while generating users the best possible yield rates in DeFi. This also protects users from low-liquidity withdrawal issues.
Users do not actively need to move their assets around between protocols to find the best yield, as Belt Finance vaults do it for them. This guarantees the highest reliable yield possible as it provides an amalgamation of many parts of the DeFi ecosystem. As Belt Finance grows to include more strategies, assets, and chains, this effect is expected to continually grow.

Even though it was not an easy journey, we achieved several performances, such as a stable cross-chain swap on BSC, HECO, and Klaytn blockchain. This function and service were officially titled ‘Portkey’. We are not complacent — there is still a long way to go. we are now preparing for 2022.

We’re happy to present Belt Finance’s ROADMAP for 2022. We’ve also summarized what Belt Finance achieved in 2021, arriving at where we are at the beginning of 2022.

2021 RECAP: Lay the Foundation

  • Belt Finance Launch
  • Belt Finance V2: Multi-Strategy Vaults
  • Belt Finance V3: Cross-Chain Pool & Swap
  • Belt Finance on HECO/KLAYTN
  • BELT Buyback Fund
  • Immunefi Bug Bounty
  • Governance & Voting
  • Mining Distribution Rates Updates
  • Audited by SOOHO/HAECHI/Dedaub
  • Strategic Partnerships

2022 ROADMAP: Strengthen substantiality & Expand Markets

  • BELT Halving
  • Additional Chains
  • Additional Pools & Vaults
  • Additional Multi-Strategy
  • Strengthen Tokenomics
  • More Expansion Cross-chain
  • Cooperation with related Projects
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Improve UI for Belt Finance Website

Thank you very much for your support and we would continue to make effort to further improve this year.



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Belt Finance

Belt Finance is an AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)