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Belt Finance (WBNB-BELT LP) PancakeSwap v2 LP Migration Guide

As PancakeSwap migrates their LPs from their v1 to v2, users will have to manually move their WBNB-BELT LP to the new v2 LP on PancakeSwap, and then on the website.

Starting from Tuesday 27rd April at 6 AM UTC, we will support WBNB-BELT PCS V2 LPs with BELT mining distribution. Users have to migrate their WBNB-BELT PCS V1 LPs to WBNB-BELT PCS V2 LPs by this time to continue receiving BELT rewards.

Please note, there is no need to migrate the 4Belt pool or any vault.

About Mining Distribution (Belt Rewards)

BNB-BELT v1 LP has a 50% mining distribution rate.

We will move this mining rate to the new PCS v2 LP on Saturday 24rd April at 8 AM UTC

  • BNB-BELT v1 50% => 0%
  • BNB-BELT v2 0% => 50%

Until the mining rate is changed on April 24, the v1 pool will continue to get BELT rewards.

This is a guide for the steps on how to migrate your WBNB-BELT LP from PancakeSwap’s v1 to their v2 and back to

Step 1. Unstake your v1 LP from the Belt Staking section on

Step 2. After unstaking, you will now see the LP in your balance.

Step 3. Pancake swap migration

Follow this guide image and go to this link to remove liquidity from WBNB-BELT v1 LP (old type of LP) on PCS site and migrate it to the v2 LP on the PCS site:

Step 4. After going through migration and restaking your BELT and BNB in the PCS v2 LP. Your view on should look something like this. You then press “APPROVE”

Step 5. Press STAKE and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed. You should now see that your LP is staked! Enjoy your BELT rewards once mining changes on Sunday 25rd April at 8 AM UTC.



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Belt Finance

Belt Finance

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