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BELT First Halving

The first BELT halving is coming up quickly!

To control inflation, we decided to implement a halving model. BELT emissions are halved each year, lasting four years. The halving will be done aggressively. It will essentially create a max cap to BELT supply of around 22,108,836 BELT, but the final number will be lower because of the continued burns for BELT.

With decreasing emissions, the effect of BELT buybacks will be better and more people will be incentivized to stake (due to the buyback → rewards of the BELT single staking pool). You may be wondering about the vault yields due to decreasing emissions. However, since most of the interest rates come from our strategic protocol for our beltTokens, it will improve and yields will also be maintained in the end.

Lowering emissions will decrease the proportion of BELT that is being sold by auto-compounding protocols, which has been one of the biggest contributors to the high sell-pressure on the BELT token. Lower sell pressure while maintaining and increasing the buyback amount will create a more positive price flow.

When the max cap is reached (End of Emissions), the profits of the Belt Finance platform will directly be given to users in the form of staking rewards. Buybacks and burns/staking rewards will be increasingly more impactful as they directly influence deflation. BELT holders will get more and more value from the Belt Finance platform itself.

The first emissions halving took place on January 19, 2022, at BSC block 14,500,000, and the last halving will occur on approximately January 17, 2026. For further details, please refer to the BELT halving table below.



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Belt Finance

Belt Finance is an AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)