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$BELT’s Fair Launch Schedule & Opening Projections

Launch Schedule: Getting $BELT

Belt Finance’s official launch will kick off with an IFO (Initial Farm Offering) held by PancakeSwap. Read More about how a PancakeSwap IFO works here:

THERE IS NO PRE-SALE & NO PRIVATE SALE. This is a completely fair launch with the IFO being used as a seed for our launch.

IFO start date: 5pm SGT on Wednesday 10th of March 2021

The IFO will last for 1 hour.

Here are the details for what’s being offered in the PancakeSwap IFO:

  • 150,000 BELT to be sold via IFO on PancakeSwap
  • 15,000 BELT for Syrup Pool Rewards
  • 7,500 BELT to provide initial liquidity

You can participate in the IFO and get $BELT tokens by getting/making CAKE-BNB LP tokens and committing them to the IFO. Whatever isn’t used will be returned to you. You can also participate in Syrup pool staking by staking your CAKE tokens.

Otherwise, a great way to get BELT tokens early on is through BELT mining.

Belt Mining will begin shortly after the end of the IFO. You can check the exact countdown here:

Belt Mining and Early Projections

$BELT mining will start with 2 pools. Each of the two pools will get around 50%, or 0.5 BELT/block of the mining inflation.


This pool is made up of BNB-BELT LP tokens that you can get through providing liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Here is a simulation of the initial mining in this BNB-BELT LP pool through the site. Even as the APR falls over time with growing TVL, by compounding you can get 5.58x $BELT from your initial deposit.

Venus pool

This pool is made up of $BUSD, $USDT, $DAI, $USDC tokens that you can swap and deposit directly through

This is the simulation of an APY — TVL relation calculation. The log-scale graph shows our estimated strength of an incredibly high initial APY with a fixed $BELT price of $20. This is notable for standing out amongst mining with stablecoins.

Simulation of Deflationary Mechanisms

Inflation in the Venus pool is 14400 BELT/day. While you may think that this is a bit high at first, as TVL grows larger and larger, our deflationary mechanism of Buyback +Burning $BELT means that inflation will be sufficiently reduced.

Our simulations of buyback and burning yield and swap fees are linearly growing with TVL. As TVL grows, inflation will be matched and eventually, deflation will overtake inflation.

For the yield deflation, deflation is calculated through:

(yield_burn_belt_amount_per_day)= (total_value_locked) * ( base_apy * buyback_rate ) / (belt_price) / 365)

The constants we used for this simulation were:

[ Venus pool ] base_apy : 28% , yield_buyback_rate 8%)

For the swap fees, the calculations of burn were made with:

(swapfee_burn_belt_amount_per_day)= (total_value_locked) * (liquidity_utilization) * (swapfee_rate) * (swapfee_buyback_rate)

The constants we used were:

[Venus pool] liquidity_utilization : 40% , swapfee_rate : 1%, swapfee_buyback_rate : 50%)

Deposit your assets into to get a conveyor belt that delivers optimized yield, and sit back and watch your portfolio grow safely!








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