Where are the Medicis?

Brian Kelly
Nov 11, 2020 · 4 min read
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Lorenzo d’Medici: also known as “Il Magnifico.”

For every famous advertising campaign ever created, there was a visionary client who made it happen — a modern day patron in the pedigree of Lorenzo d’Medici.

The Renaissance was one of mankind’s most productive periods. That productivity — which includes some of our greatest achievements in art and science — would not have been possible without patrons like Lorenzo d’Medici who provided the vision and the finance to make it happen.

Which brings us to the sad truth that, while most marketers want to succeed, few want to be famous.

If you’re in marketing and you don’t want to be famous, you’ve chosen the wrong career. If you’re an agency owner or creative, don’t fall into the pit of despair just yet. There are still visionary marketers out there capable of creating legendary brand campaigns:

“State the goal of your company, without using numbers or dollar signs.”

This simple question forces you to confront something deeper than forecasts and sales funnels. It forces you to articulate why you exist. And not for existential kicks, but because that’s what consumers, employees and investors need to know.


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