How to survive the first week of college

Okay, so you just started college. Shit’s rough. You have places to go and things to do. If you’re like me, you’ve got five classes to keep track of. Yikes. How do you even wrap your head around this college crap? It ain’t easy, but it’s definitely possible to get it under control.

Start with the syllabus. You should have one for each class. If you don’t have one, it’s probably out there somewhere. This is your college bible, the law of the land. It’s got everything you need to know about the class in it, including the prof’s contact info and office hours, test dates, and study tips. Most importantly, your syllabus tells you all of your homework for the semester, and maybe even what is covered in each specific class. This leads us to our next step in controlling the college experience…

Getting ahead. College gets so much easier when you’re not rushing to finish your shit at the last minute. Take it from a high school clutch king; doing your work early pays off. I learned to use my spare time to get ahead, and since then my stress level has dropped drastically.

A benefit to getting ahead is that it gives you time to get organized. Getting organized is really important in college, because it make your life way easier when you need information (which is most of the time), so it reduces your stress level. In high school, I was not organized at all. I would carry around loose papers in a pile and dig through them to find whatever I needed. Now my life is way easier, because I organize my work into binders.

I have a small binder for each class, each containing a syllabus, a notes section and a homework section. This makes it really easy for me to locate papers I need both in and out of class. In addition, since I type my notes, I have a dedicated college folder in the documents section of my computer. Within this folder, I have a folder for each class. Each class folder contains a folder for book notes and a folder for class notes. It sounds complicated, but it has tamed what was once a rats nest of documents into a navigable store of information. The method works.

My biggest tip for surviving the first week of college may sound counterintuitive. Relax! Chill out. Take it easy. I’m not saying to blow off your work, but if you get organized and get ahead on your assignments and studying, you will have free time, and some of this free time should be spend relaxing. It’s good for you. Just give yourself some down time, and realize that you’ve got this whole college thing under control. And just like that, you’ve survived your first week of college.

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