Hotel Review: Remm Shin-Osaka, Osaka

The hotel Remm, Shin-Osaka was the second hotel on our Japan trip, after our stay in Hiroshima. We booked the hotel through Agoda before our trip and paid approximately £110 per night for 4 nights over a weekend.

We selected the hotel due to it’s closeness to Shin-Osaka station, as we had planned a couple of trips by Shinkansen to Himeji (about 30 minutes) and Okayama (about 45 minutes). The hotel is located just outside the Shinkansen station gates in the North-West corner of the station. The entrance is a little tough to find the first time, but once you get it you’ll realise you can be out of your hotel and onto a train in less than 5 minutes!

The hotel is located on the top 6 floors of an office building so there are two sets of lifts — one serves the bottom floors of the office and the other the hotel. These are clearly marked, but it might be slightly confusing if you didn’t know this. The hotel reception is on the 12th floor (and is not the reception you’ll see near the lifts, which is a Regus shared office space).

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka — Outside View

One thing to prepare yourself for is that Shin-Osaka station is busy! Walking around it can be quite daunting at first and we found it to be much more stressful than some of the other smaller cities we had visited. It’s not a reason to not visit, but it came as a bit of a shock after a visit to smaller, quieter Hiroshima.

After our trip to Hiroshima we were reminded how small inner-city Japanese hotel rooms can be. The room really was as small as possible with a double bed, table and chair taking up pretty much all the floor space. It’s perfectly adequate for a few days, but you’re going to need to co-ordinate your movements around the room or you’ll get in other people’s way!

Although small the room does contain everything you’d really need. The double bed was comfy, although only two pillows were provided as standard so we had to ask for some more (which arrived about 10 minutes later). The bed rests against a wall but the wall is covered in padded material, so is actually pretty comfy to lean against. The chair in the room contains a massage function, which was really nice after a long day, although the controls were not obvious, it’s pretty easy to make it work! A small table is useful if you want to eat breakfast or snacks in your room.

The room also contains a very small fridge (no mini-bar) that can take around two 500ml bottles plus a couple of small extras but not much more. A 32" TV with Video on Demand is also in place, although the only English channel is CNN but we enjoyed watching Japanese TV.

Room — Bed
Room — TV / Fridge / Storage

We were located on the 17th floor, looking out over northern Osaka. A room on the South side would provide a slightly better view of the city, but we enjoyed watching planes land at Osaka airport, which is located just north of the hotel. Even with planes and the close proximity of trains there is absolutely no noise in the hotel — so no need to worry about this. The windows also have excellent blackout blinds allowing you to sleep in past dawn.

View from the 17th Floor

The bathroom was again, small but perfectly formed. A walk in shower cubicle complete with rain shower was located at one end, along with the obligatory ‘smart’ toilet and sink. The shower contains a small stool if you need it. Toiletries are provided and more can be obtained from reception if needed. The shower was very nice, especially the rainfall head! The bathroom is slightly odd in that it has a window onto the rest of the room — this can be covered with blinds for those who are a little more modest!

View of the Bathroom from the Room

The hotel doesn’t have any restaurant but has a deal with a local cafe in the station for 10% off breakfast. As its located right inside the station there are plenty of convenience stores, ekiban vendors and food stalls if you want to find your own breakfast. We never struggled to find something interesting to eat! Shin-Osaka station is located about 4 minutes from Osaka Umeda station which has a number of shopping centres and department stores connected to it. We also found a large supermarket about 10 minutes walk north of the hotel which offered everything at much more reasonable prices than inside the station including fresh sushi and prepared meals.

The service at the hotel can best be described as professional, but didn’t feel as friendly as our other hotel. Check-in was efficient and we left our baggage with the hotel before check-in and after check-out while we went sightseeing. Whenever we needed anything our query was dealt with swiftly and all the desk staff spoke solid English. It would have just been nice to see a little more of a smile.

I would highly recommend Remm, Shin-Osaka as a great hotel to stay in if you’re looking for a base to travel around Japan. You can’t beat the convenience of being right inside the station, even if it felt a little hectic when leaving the hotel. Rooms are well decorated and contain everything you need — if a little smaller than hotels outside the big city. We would happily stay there again!



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