Restaurant Review: Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, London

Ben Brown
Ben Brown
Jan 8, 2017 · 9 min read


Located 5–10 minutes walk from the chaos that is London’s Oxford Street (Bond Street Station is the closest underground station) in the significantly more tranquil Mayfair. The Connaught is “perfectly blends a discreet English ambience with the contemporary 5-star touches expected by the modern traveller” according to it’s website. It’s much smaller and more boutique than many of the other well-known five-star hotels in the area — but still manages to pack in the high-end restaurant we visited.

Outside The Connaught, Mayfair, London


After being seated at our table we admired the traditional, yet modern dining room. The room felt very traditional, with dark wood panelling, but had been brought right up-to-date with modern fabrics, lamps and accessories — the best of both worlds! I didn’t manage to take any internal pictures as I didn’t want to disturb others, but the website gives a good example of what to expect (albeit it felt a little darker on our dull January lunchtime).

3-course Lunch Menu
The Menu — how to order


As mentioned earlier our canapés arrived with the menu to give us something to enjoy while we decided what to eat. Three canapés arrived in total; ice-cream cones containing beef-tartare with a cream topping, a ‘pillow’ filled with a smoked fish centre and finally fresh oysters served with a flavoured foam.

Canapés — Smoked Fish, Beef Tartare and Oysters
Foie Gras, Beetroot, hibiscus, Buddha’s hand, red currant
Pink Garlic, Egg, walnut, lardo di Colonnata
Venison, Pumpkin, Stichelton, chanterelle, “poivrade”
Cod, Oyster, dill, potato
Chocolate, Lemongrass
Birthday Cake


Service throughout the meal was professional, but also very friendly. A number of the waiters towards the start of the meal were erring on the professional side, but when the maitre d’ came over to chat with us, you could tell that he really wanted us to have a great meal and to visit them again. The welcome we received from all the staff made it really feel like a special occasion and was really appreciated by us both.

Lemon and Almond Cake
Gift of a cake to take home


Overall, our trip to Hélène Darroze was a lovely experience. The food was of a great quality, looked amazing and was pretty good value when you consider the level of skill involved for our meal. I would definitely recommend a visit and if the price of the main menu feels out of reach, consider taking up the lunch deal at £52 all in (including wine). We were left feeling really at home, and while definitely a very upmarket destination were never left feeling out of place (the only place this happened was on a visit to the gents where the attendant was a little off-putting!).

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A personal blog from a London based engineering leader passionate about food and travel.

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Ben Brown — My Personal Blog

A personal blog from a London based engineering leader passionate about food and travel.