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Clench Butt win spirit at BCI 2016

At the end of the 2016 Bench season, aka Clench, I really wished I’d documented the journey. This was largely because the end result for the Div 1 team was so disappointing and threatened to overshadow (in my mind and the mind of others) the great things the club had achieved that year, including a top 4 finish for our Div 2 team and our first win over Colony in a tournament.

So this is my attempt to do it this year. I’ll be blogging, as will a bunch of my clubmates about Bench 2017, aka Brunch, and hopefully at the end, we’ll have a full journey to look back on and share.

After the end of Nationals 2016, I wrote this.

This club is fucking messy. This club is made up of a bunch of individuals, all at different points in their lives, striving for different things, making different choices. We’ve written our own rule book, made it up as we went along, forced our own fun. But whatever we’ve built, we’ve built it together. And we’ve built something that no-one else in Australia or the world has.
Bench is a collection of individuals but it’s also a collection of memories. And you’re all in those memories. And I’m taking all of those with me to my grave.
But not before making some more of them goddamnit!

This is a collection of those messy moments and great memories, the journey of creating a club that does things differently.


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