Announcing BenchCoin ICO — Set to Launch in November 2017

We’re proud to announce that the official launch for our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been set for November 2017. This sale is an important milestone in our efforts to create a Digital Student Property Marketplace which will eliminate the many obstacles to investing in this Student Housing Market, the #1 asset class producer and top emerging asset class across Europe. Currently there are many barriers, primarily high minimum capital requirements which restrict this investment to the wealthy. These capital requirements make it difficult for both the seller and buyer leading to an extremely thin market. Real estate has always been a low liquidity, high capital investment, but this is even more true with student properties as student “pods” cannot be mortgaged or financed through banks. This means investors must put up the full cash value.

Investing in property was already difficult enough for average investors, imagine needing €100,000 in cash to handle the investment? Imagine trying to diversify and buy several properties? For most investors this is just simply out of reach.

Not anymore! BenchCoin’s Digital Student Property Marketplace will allow property owners to sell and lease their assets for short term liquidity in crowdsale type auctions. Properties will be digitised into “Smart Property” — fractionalised and tokenised into custom crypto smart contract tokens with initial values of just €1 per token. Each custom property token will then be listed on our decentralised P2P Property Token Exchange where tokens can be traded on an open market. A “stock market” for real estate tokens.

BenchCoin Token: A Digital Student Property Enterprise

Student property investment from €1!

This will allow anyone to own this billion euro industry and create unprecedented exposure to the Student Housing Market for investors, providing an investment exit for current property owners who are seeking liquidity. Use of smart contract crypto tokens will provide a trustless system, eliminating tedious paperwork and restrictions and allow for easy cross border trading from (just about) anywhere in the world. This will disrupt the current industry business model helping to solve some of the Industry’s greatest problems.

From Smart Property to Smart Buildings

In addition to serving as payment for our digital property token platform, BenchCoin token will be backed by our own Premium Student Apartments. High quality accommodations in state-of-the-art Smart Buildings utilising IoT technologies. BenchCoin will create a secure Open Management system business model using blockchain open ledger to show asset purchase prices, development costs and final dividend distributions for 100% transparency. This will result in a better quality of living for students in high demand markets and a better quality business model for investors.

Democratising Student Property Ownership

This token sale will help fund the development of the platform as well as providing our community with a way to profit from the future proceeds of projects that will be available through the BenchCoin platform.

BenchCoin token will receive an annual dividend from both the digital platform fees and revenue from rental income. One token, twice the benefit! 35% of net profits will be distributed annually. Blockchain and smart contract technology will assure ALL members, from Directors to Investors are all receiving the same benefits. This means you can now invest as the developer, but rest as the investor.

Limited Token Supply + Unlimited Potential = Exponential Growth!

The total supply of BenchCoin Tokens is limited to 100 Million. The supply is fixed. No further tokens will ever be created. 80 Million tokens will be distributed among all the ICO participants based on their contribution. At the end of the ICO, any unsold tokens will be divided proportionately according to the contribution of each participant and the pool of unsold tokens will be distributed and added to the individual wallets.

If you are interested in participating in the ICO, we invite you to visit our website and follow us across social media on Twitter, Facebook and right here on Medium for regular updates as we prepare for the ICO coming in November 2017.

See you there!