Kevin Durant, a Great Fit for the Golden State Warriors.

Selfish. Disloyal. Coward. Weak. These are some of the words used by the media and people around the sports world to describe one of the best players and talents to ever play the game of basketball. Why? It is hard for those people to accept that Durant decided to join the fully loaded and talented Warriors. After all, KD has decided to join the best regular season team of all-time and one of the best teams in the history of the NBA. On the brink of elimination in the Western Conference Finals, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry led their team from a 1–3 deficit to win the series 4–3 against Durant’s Thunder team. It is difficult to understand why KD decided to join the team that just beat him in the playoffs.

Some people are confused because they think that KD should have stayed with his Thunder team. They feel that he was only 48 minutes away from defeating the 73–9 Warriors so it does not make any sense for him to join them. To be completely honest, I thought he would sign a 2-year deal with OKC. It was the best deal financially and by doing it, he would have given it one last shot with his teammate and friend Russel Westbrook. But Durant decided that the best decision for himself was to leave OKC. Many critics are comparing this move to what LeBron did in 2010 when he joined the Miami Heat. I only had a small issue with the way LeBron made the announcement because there was no need for all the shenanigans. There was no need to take an hour on national TV to announce that he was taking his talents to South Beach. Excluding that, I liked and enjoyed watching the Heat.

So I personally do not mind KD’s decision because I love watching the Warriors. I have heard people use the word “loyalty” so much in the past 24 to 48 hours. Loyalty! Loyalty! Loyalty! I am a strong believer that there is no place for the notion of loyalty in a professional setting (work or a team). Let’s take a few seconds to analyze the situation. KD is an employee just like most of us; so do we really believe that because of loyalty, our employers would not fire us if we are under-performing? No need to waste time thinking about it because we all know the obvious answer. As an employee, KD is choosing to work where it is easier for him to do his job and win a ring. He does not want to be the next Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, and Karl Malone. He cares about his legacy and knows he has to win a title. KD wants to be a champion and he feels that joining the Warriors will make it easier on himself. He does not have to carry most of the load and will get so many easy and wide open shots. By adding Durant, the already loaded and unselfish Warriors team and offense just got scarier. Their small ball lineup or “Death Lineup” just became deadlier.

On paper, the Golden State Warriors should be the favorites to win it all next year. It will not be a walk in the park. There will be some challenges in the beginning because the team has to figure out how to make KD feel comfortable. I believe that he is a great fit because the Warriors ball movement and plays allow their players to get the best and easiest shots. If coach Kerr finds a great way to utilize his players, they should be unbeatable. Barring unexpected injuries, no one should be able to beat this team. In their lethal “Death Lineup”, they will have two of the most “unguardable” players in the world, three of the most versatile players in the NBA, and the best two shooters of all-time. Now they just need to get some unselfish and solid role players and they will be ready.

Thanks to KD, this was a memorable 4th of July. Welcome to the Warriors! Time for you to win a few championships.

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