Growth Mindsets are good, but are students better off with a Benefit Mindset?

We all know how important learning mindsets are at promoting student performance. But what happens when we think outside the box and consider student’s potential to lead and make a meaningful difference in our world?

Over the past 10 years, Carol Dweck’s Fixed and Growth Mindset concept has taken the world by storm.

Its helped a great many people overcome their life challenges, and get closer to ‘fulfilling their potential in life’. It’s an amazing achievement, raising global awareness of the role our inner lives play in shaping our ability to learn and grow.

However, are we starting to see the limits of a growth based mindset? Is it time for the next evolution in mindset concepts, by positioning our aspirations for growth within a purposeful and leadership based context?

In our guest article for Getting Smart; we explore how the emergence of the Benefit Mindset is shaking things up in education.