New Book: Future directions in wellbeing

A collection of short, accessible, academic essays on wellbeing; featuring the Benefit Mindset.

The Benefit Mindset has made its way into its first academic book!

The books forward is by David Cooperrider and the Benefit Mindset is explored in the Chapter ‘Why We Need Positive Education 2.0’. The chapter was co-authored with Mathew A. White PhD, Director of Wellbeing at St Peter’s College.

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Chapter Abstract: What’s next in well-being? We argue it’s Positive Education 2.0. The American psychologist Corey Keyes explains, “It is often said that our youth is this nation’s future. If true, then there is too much mental illness to look forward to in the future”. Never before have schools received the call to educate a new generation to lead global challenges of such complexity. Notwithstanding Keyes observations, this is a global challenge and it requires a global approach. We need Positive Education 2.0, which is informed by entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on discovery for young people. We believe in doing this; positive education should now move toward programs that teach innovation through project-based learning teams, in which students will focus on solving real-life challenges.

Reference: White, M., Buchanan, A. (2017). Why We Need Positive Education 2.0. In White, M., Slemp, G., & Murray, S. (Ed.), Future Directions in Wellbeing: Educations, Organizations and Policy. (pp. 219–223). Springer Press, Netherlands.

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