“Hello, world!”

Head our way if your nonprofit or small business needs a web or mobile app. (Photo by Samuel Zeller)

The “Hello, world!” program is a rite of passage for every coder. It is typically the very first computer program one writes, and when a student begins to learn another programming language it is likely to be the first code written.

“Hello, world!” is an elegant and bold program. A proclamation to the world that a new working program exists. Hopefully, it is the beginning of a long (and arduous) journey to master a new craft. The inaugural brick in what may one day be a grand house.

In the case of Wes Hays, Blake Campbell, and I, this “Hello, world!” address is our inaugural statement to you — and the world — that our business, BenefitMany, exists. It represents the culmination of individual journeys, risks taken, and chance. Yet, here we are — three gents forging a company that uses computers, smartphones, and other technology devices to help those working to improve the world do so more efficiently and effectively.

Over the next several months, we will use this blog to share more thoughts about our business (model) and the exciting products we are launching. Projects in the pipeline include a website and related app that will empower domestic violence survivors to seek the legal, medical, and counseling advice and services they need, and a website that will enable English and Spanish speakers to get critical services faster in order to stave off hunger, utility interruptions, and/or eviction. And that’s just in the next 60 days.

At the same time, we continue to build great software for our cherished small business clients, which currently include everything from a law firm to an apparel maker. By serving a mix of small businesses and established nonprofits, we can provide steady income to our employees while offering pro bono services to smaller/startup nonprofits. We look forward to sharing more about our social impact work, as well as other aspects of our business, in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

const benefitMany = [‘Blake’, ‘Garrett’, ‘and Wes’].join(‘, ‘);
console.log(‘Hello world, here we come! \n -’ + benefitMany);