How Universities reach their students more effective with Bublity

This post has prepared to show Bublity’s benefits for Universities.
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Dear Social Media Manager / PR Manager / Marketing Manager of University,

We know that you are using social media, e-mail marketing, outdoor ads, influencers, online campaigns to spread your celebrity updates. But you reach only a few part of their community. And It has high costs and not effective.

Yes, It is very important to create strong connections with supporters and it is hard to make a live community for universities.

So, meet our solution :

Bublity is an enterprise solution for universities. It designed to send post and let people “chat” about the topic.

Bublity is the new connection style.

With Bublity, celebrities can send posts to users who are most interested about the topic.

In Bublity, followers of #tags mean “your users”.

So, You can reach your users info. Bublity edition of your University is a social app which is owned and managed by your University.

How Bublity knows the best people about your post ?

Standart way : Send your post to your followers.

When you share something on social networks only some of your followers likes your University’s post.

Because, your social network account sends your post to your follower’s feed without a targeting.

Bublity way : Send your post to right people :)

Bublity has a great solution to make your celebrity community happy.

You can send your news, updates and posts to followers of #tags.

1) We create your University official edition

And you can add your categories and tags with your administration panel.

You can create unlimited categories and tags!

2) You share your Bublity Edition link with your network.

Users download Bublity app (or your custom app powered by Bublity ) and directly opens your edition.

3) Users follow your #tags about their interests.

It is the difference! People follows only the best #tags about their lifestyles.

It is very east to follow and unfollow any tag.

4) You send updates and stories to followers of tags

You can create your post on Bublity manager or you can import content from your website, blog and social network page just copy and paste a link.

5) Followers of tag receive push notification

Users can read your post and chat with people who are online at same post. On Bublity, posts are chat topics too.

6) Then you can list analytics of your post

You can total opens, total chat members, top cities, e-mail addresses of users, interests of chat users on Facebook.

7) Users also see your posts on Bublity home feed.

Bublity home feed lists your post from new to old. People see your University name top of the screen.

* Screenshot of Bublity App Home Feed

So, your posts, updates, news and stories can reach people with Bublity.

If you want to publish your Bublity edition or white label app of your university, please contact with us.

You can send your details to or you can send new edition request here. ( )

This post has prepared for social media or PR managers of Universities. Bublity is also available for TV Channels, Radio Stations, Companies, Portals, Communities, Universities and more.