HiFi at the Peter D. Garrucho Innovations Institute is an open space for social good in Benilde and beyond.

Benilde HiFi
Benilde HiFi
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What is Benilde?

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

What is HiFi?

The Hub of Innovation For Inclusion or HiFi is an open space for social good in Benilde and beyond. We incubate ideas and projects that are people-focused, planet-sustaining, profit-generating, and purpose-driven.

We believe that the school, by virtue is the logical place to grow enlightened, empowered, and compassionate citizens who will become seeds of social reform.

What is Innovation For Inclusion?

The Innovation that embraces the role of schools in social transformation, acknowledging its key accountability in building a just and humane society for all.

What is the Peter D. Garrucho Innovations Institute?

The PDGii is envisioned as a community space for social good. Designed by Javier Design Studio Manila, Benilde’s new campus opens its arms to all who wish to create and scale social impact.

The HiFi Story

2015: The Benilde Prize: Our Humble Beginnings

The Benilde Prize, a nationwide social innovation competition for college students was established. The call for ideas gathered entries from student social innovators from all throughout the country. This event prompted the creation of an office dedicated to championing Benilde’s thrust of Innovation and Inclusion in Benilde and beyond.

2017: Hit the ground running: Establishing Benilde HiFi

With a staff of four led by founding director Abi Mapua-Cabanilla, Benilde HiFi developed its mentor base and created programs to put innovation for inclusion at the forefront. Engaged Talks was developed to spread learning on hot innovation and inclusion topics. Thinkathon brought the practice of Design Thinking to more Benildean students. And the Benilde Prize modules were adopted for Benildeans to develop homegrown innovators through the Homebrewed Program.

2019: Our Home of Inclusive Innovation: Building the Future

On September 2019, the Benilde Peter D. Garrucho Jr Innovations Institute was opened. With a staff of seven, a pool of academic and industry mentors, and a active network in the startup and social sector, HiFi is ready to take on the wicked and systemic challenges of society by being at the center of innovation for inclusion.


Engaged Talks

Engaged Talks for Social Good is our pioneering culture-building platform that engages the community with free and accessible quality content. With more than 20 talks created, we advocate conversations for social good.


Coffee.Collabs is our community collaboration platform, where ideas from our conversations take form and take off.

Live ED

Live ED is a creative masterclass for basic ed teachers born in the new normal.


The Homebrewed startup incubation program is a search for innovators and their ideas and projects in Benilde that build a just and humane society. We bring innovative ideas to life, measured by social impact and business validation. Open to all Benildean students, faculty, staff, and even alumni!

Future Shapers

An immersive fellowship and systems change leadership incubation program for young Filipinos with an existing venture or enterprise that aspires to shape sustainable futures.


Can’t make it to a program? No worries. We can help develop your idea further. Talk to us.


The Commons: Lobby and Mezzanine Empathy Hall

Offering a common ground where people come together to interact and nurture a sense of community, the lobby provides an open space for presentations, public talks, community meetings, film screenings, and more, while the mezzanine extends its area for social startups to display their services, entertain walk-in guests, and explore further opportunities to engage the public.

The Bright Space: 2nd Floor Ideation Space

Designed to encourage ideation and collaboration among the people in the shared space, the Bright Space features a number of rentable seats for social startups looking for safe, comfortable, collaborative, and creative work spaces to grow and increase productivity. It is also where HiFi’s main office space is located.

The Maker Space: 3rd Floor Prototyping Space

Built on the premise that we learn by doing and we understand further as we build and make, The Maker Space is a place where members are provided basic makerspace tools, materials, and training to support in prototype development. Along with private rentable office spaces with access to a common pantry and dining area, HiFi opens this to organizations and social startups aligned with the innovation for inclusion vision and mission.

The Evergreen: Roof deck Synthesis and Scale

Cultivated with a beautiful al fresco space, the roof deck doubles up as a relaxing garden and event hall that allows members to share relaxed conversations, reflect, synthesize ideas, and pitch to ecosystem partners for possible scaling and social impact support.

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Benilde HiFi
Benilde HiFi

The Peter D. Garrucho Jr Innovations Institute is a community space and business incubator for social good in Benilde and beyond. Connect now fb.com/benildehifi