Climathon Pasig 2019, the Philippines’ First Climathon

Tq Antiqueno
Nov 25 · 4 min read
Climathon Pasig 2019 committee and participants

On September 19, Benilde and the City of Pasig signed a memorandum of agreement to make Pasig City the first city enabler of Climathon, a simulataneous worldwide event to create transformational climate change solutions. Climathon is organized by global organization Climate-KIC, with whom Benilde through the Hub of Innovation for Inclusion has forged a partnership with to bring the Climathon event to the Philippines for the first time ever.

MOA signing between Benilde and Pasig City

On October 25 and 26, 100 participants from 22 teams came to the Pasig City Sports Center to participate in the 2-day event.The teams were to tackle either 1of the 2 design challenges:

“How can we sustainably reduce wastes in production and consumption while driving creative recycling?”


“How can we create productive mobility systems that increase inclusion while decreasing pollution?”

The teams were inspired by the talks of Ms. Bulganmurun Tsevegjav, Senior Air Quality Specialist of the Asian Development Bank; Mr. Alfredo Bernarte or International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI); and Ms. Abigail Cabanilla, Director of Benilde Hub of Innovation for Inclusion (HIFI).

After the context-setting and inspirational talks, they were guided through an ideation workshop by Benilde HIFI’s Community Management Head, Mr. TQ Antiqueno. Through the workshop, they were able to polish, pivot, or purge some of their ideas. The last workshop the participants went through was a pitch workshop by founder of SCALE Solutions, Ms. Carla Mumar. After the workshops, the hack officially began.

Mentors with their assigned teams

While the participants worked, parallel relaxing and de-stressing activities like crafts-building and a sepak takraw workshop were happening. Meals, snacks and coffee from our partners from the Lions Club, Universal Robina, and Kickstart Coffee were available anytime. But because the event was a strictly bring-your-own utensils event, waste from single-use materials was greatly limited and segregated for proper recycling.

By Day 2, only 13 teams were left. The 13 teams went on to continue polishing their projects and proposals with the aid of pool of mentors from Benilde and the industry and by 2:30 PM, the eliminations began. After the eliminations, 5 projects emerged as top 6. These teams qualified for the finals pitch:

Bioretention system — a system that filters water from sidewalk plantboxes and gardens

CleanApp — a mobile application that helps monitor garbage collection

Cloop — a new manual machine that allows users to process recyclables to be easier to repurpose and recycle

Daloy Pasig — conceptualized by a small boat to be made with recycled plastic bottles

Northstar — an web-based system for solid waste management

Sari-Cycling — a system that transforms sari-sari store to micro materials recovery centers

The Climathon Pasig 2019 Finals Pitch was attended by an esteemed panel of jury including: Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig City, Mr. Geronio Ulayao of Benilde, Mr. Titon Mitra of United Nations Development Program, Ms. Janna De Guzman of Bridge Access, Mr. Paul Pajo of Smart Communications, Inc., Mr. Jocelyn Hilao of PLDT, Mr. Ludwig Federigan of Climate Change Commission, and Ms. Abigail Aguilar of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

Each of the finalists were given 5 minutes to pitch their ideas and another 5 minutes to answer questions raised by the jury. They were scored based on the following criteria:

Relevance (25%): Teams who have developed an idea that: has human desireability, clearly responds to the presented challenge,
and; addresses a climate issue

Pitch (25%): The solution was well presented and clearly outlines the why, how and what of the idea.

Team (25%): The teams expresses motivation, enthusiasm, interest and ability/ competencies in being able to develop their
idea further

Transformative Potential (25%): If successful, the idea could have large scale impact

After a tight round of pitching, teams Cloop and Sari-Cycling emerged to be the top scorers and winners of Climathon Pasig 2019. Teams Northstar and Bioretention System were offered by Benilde HiFi to be part of its Future Shapers Program.

Left: Sari-Cycling; Right: Cloop

Cloop and Sari-Cycling will receive support from Benilde, SCALE and the City of Pasig to turn their ideas into transformative reality. Cloop and Sari-cycling have had their initial meetings with Benilde HiFi; while Northstar is now undergoing mentorship leading to the Future Shapers Program.

Thank you, GetSocialPh for the photos!

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