WEEK I — the start of the Jorney! Old vision is going smaller and smaller!!!!

To participate at this course is being really satisfying! Once more I understand that I’m not alone! The work as it is is changing, some people already noticed that, others don’t want to accept and others are just in a deep trans!

We are in a transition from the work 1 to work 2. Work 1 refers to the latin origin of work as Tripalium (travalium — travalho — trabalho) that is a torture instrument used during the middle age. The work 2 refers to the real meaning of work that is Laborae, that is doing something with attention!

In the lasts 15 years I did a lot of tripalium! It costs me a lot of energy and lost of motivation! And I alway thought that this was not the right way to do things! I thought this because I had many different experience with work, since very young I worked as bar attendant, and I alway did a good job because my job was to serve people and I was free to be who I am! I am kind, curious, gentle, interests, emphatic, smiling and proactive and always did a good money with the tips. Than I started to work in big companies and all those characteristic of mine starter to be a problem. Couldn’t be curious, just had to do what was supposed to do, couldn’t be gentle as it requires time to speak and take care of people and i was supposed to do things really fast and so one!

Than I started to be subversive! I started to do things in a different way, I started to make questions, to others and to myself. And I started to understand that nobody agreed with that kind of travalium! But that everyone had to act like this in order to assure the job! It was sad, It is still sad, but today something is different because there are cases and example of different ways to do Labour. And I’m very happy to be part of one of those movements!

My first week in these reality was great as it showed me that we can self organize ourself if we do care about what we are doing! Me and my group kind of started doing in the best spirit of the Agile philosophy and we carry on doing and we succeed to do a good job without the necessity to meet ourself to decide how to work! We started to do this in google drive and we succeed! It was for free! It was in our time, with our diferentes point of view, each of us integrating the previous work and improving it!

This is the result of our first week assignment:

Company Name: Conversarelab

Company Purpose:

Gather and share knowledge online and offline about work and life strategies to facilitate reflections about improving the human life experience on planet Earth. Change is inevitable, and we need to find better ways to pass through it. We study the strategies, possibilities, and cases that are being implemented worldwide and share them with whomever may be interested.


0. Role zero: Find new or interesting cases and theories about productivity, management, and problem solving that are being implemented or tested and share them inside Conversarelab.

  1. The internet face: is the one that speaks with the internet user, is the provoquer, and the one that shares all the work that is done in the company. He/she uses video to share the content..
  2. The facilitator: is the one that leads a client group through the learning and insights journey. Can be virtual or in company.
  3. The show us: is the one that takes care of our online identity, web, and social medias.
  4. The graphic artist: is the one that transforms ideas in images that are used to share the content with people that are interested in our work.
  5. The video maker: is the one that stays behind the camera to assure that what we are doing is being well recorded for the world
  6. The editor: is the one that makes the video as the people will see it.
  7. The content researcher: is the curious one that is always looking for what is going on in the world.
  8. The money watcher: is the one that knows how to manage our income and to price our product.
  9. The turn all this possible: is the one that makes sure our network and physical environment is working well, and everyone has access to the tools required to do a great job.
  10. The overviewer: is the one that makes sure everyone can access the ongoing projects, their status and possible optimizations.
  11. The web maker: is the one that creates the company website, maintaining the technical aspects that users interact with and addressing any interface issues.
  12. The word maker: is the one that writes the articles or content for the company website and helps funnel user comments or questions back to everyone.
  13. The resourcer: is the one that helps set up benefit packages for everyone, such as medical, dental, vision, and other insurance.
  14. The guide: is the one that helps users on company forums or during live chats or webinars to answer questions or give advice.
  15. The tracker: is the one to implement all of the tracking mechanisms of website usage and user experience and keep them current.
  16. The analyst: is the one that makes sense of all the data and design algorithms to improve online experience.
  17. The Outreach: is the one connecting and looking for partnerships and inspirations
  18. The Mediator: is the one helping conflicts to be resolved and bringing in practices for communication to remanié healthy and nourishing
  19. The coach: is the one that is there to help people to find the solution to the current problems, he/she uses the coaching tools to facilitate the thinking processes
  20. The 10th: is the one that assure that in a decision processes the group consider all the opportunities and outcome. When everybody agrees with something the 10th one always disagree in order to assure that the group is considering all the facts.

We are still working in the metrics, and I am really happy how this is going to be!

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