Benjamin Bosco’s 5 Tips for Beginner Skiers

For avid skiers like Benjamin Bosco, there’s nothing like feeling the adrenaline of gliding down a slope, full speed ahead. Of course, it didn’t begin this way when he first started out. Bosco recalls earning himself a few minor injuries before mastering the art of skiing. This particular sport can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be lining up at the ski lift one hill after the next. Bosco urges everyone to try skiing at least once in their lifetime. For first time skiers here’s what he recommends based on his experience:

Benjamin Bosco — Tips for beginner skiers.

Rent Your Gear

It’s understandable to be super excited when anticipating your first ski trip. Though you might be eager to be decked out in professional ski gear, most ski trainers suggest holding off on purchasing brand new equipment. Bosco can also attest to this. Ski gear is expensive — snow pants, jacket, goggles, helmet, boots, skis, and ski poles can add up. Before purchasing everything all at once, get a feel for what works for you.

The first time you hit the slopes for practise will be a good indicator of what works for your build. If you discover your body heats up quickly, you can opt for a lightweight jacket. Depending on your ability level, certain ski boots can be better suited for you than others. In fact, ski boots are characterized into 4 main types. It’s important to test out your capabilities and comfortability before spending your money on gear you may have to return.

Research Chalets

Before deciding on a location, do a thorough research on chalets. Look into what they have to offer for beginners. Check out the resort guide, look out for gentle nursery slopes, available group or one-on-one classes (whichever you prefer), as well as their facilities. Some ski chalets have specific zones that are speed controlled, allowing beginners to practise at their own pace. You’ll want to choose a place that is most accommodating to your needs. Plus, there’s nothing like rewarding yourself with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a beaver tail when returning back to the chalet!

Benjamin Bosco — Preparation and research is important when you are skiing somewhere, or starting to dive into skiing as a new passion.

Register for Beginners Class

Family and friends might volunteer to lend their expertise on how to ski. Do not take them up on their offer unless they are committed to being your instructor no matter how long it takes for you to pick up on techniques. It isn’t uncommon for friends and family to be caught fighting in the middle of the ski hill, much like when you get a friend or family member to teach you how to drive. Staff at ski resorts witness this often. In order to learn with ease and avoid potential injuries from trying to learn at a quicker pace, ski experts suggest taking a beginners’ class. Taking a class on the first day of your trip might suffice if you’re just getting to know the basics.

Be Physically Prepared

Get into shape before hitting the slopes or be sure to do some stretches/exercises that will help to enhance your endurance and leg strength. You can do plenty leading up to your first day of skiing by doing power walks, lunges, and practising a proper form (bending your legs at a 90 degree angle without extending your knees over the ankles). After your first day of skiing, you’ll be surprised by how sore your muscles will feel the following day.

Since Benjamin Bosco’s started skiing, he’s taken up every opportunity to hone in on his skills. He says the anticipation you get when arriving to the mountaintop is unlike any other. There’s lots to marvel about this winter sport and Benjamin encourages everyone to try it at least once in their lifetime!