A recap of Benjamin Dada’s 21st birthday

Through my lens

Benji’s Birthday Cake

November 16 was Benjamin’s (Benji’s) birthday and as early as 12.00AM (Nigerian time) he started receiving calls and birthday wishes. I’m sure Benji was elated to have received early birthday messages especially as the UK time is currently an hour earlier than Nigerian time (he lives in the UK). So even before it was 12:00AM in the UK, he was already typing like a mad man on his laptop, trying to reply messages and calls which were already trickling in.

Fast forward to the D-day, Benjamin woke up late.

Not like it is of any importance but….who wakes up late on their birthday? 😐

When he woke up, he had about 90+ mentions on twitter (as a twitter celeb). Trust Benji, he didn’t even waste time…he started replying.

While Benjamin responded to his messages, I spent a considerable amount of time on Skype doing a service to humanity by chatting with the birthday boy. As we were talking, a little blue parcel arrived at the door for him. It was from a mutual friend, Olubukola Ogidan. The package was so cute and the note inside was even cuter.

Benjamin holding his first gift

That was Benji’s first gift.

I watched as he opened the gift with excitement and we swooned over it. Our chat ended about an hour later and almost immediately, his second gift arrived — M&S cake from “his beloved friend in whom he is well pleased”, Lade. It was delivered by her sister. Benjamin and Lade’s sister talked for a while and they made a short video.

Benji later escorted Lade’s sister to the bus stop and came back home. As a result, he missed the delivery of the cake I sent him 😢 and I was so pissed 😠 (yes I blasted him….In hindsight, I should probably have held off till the next day so as not to ruin his day). On the bright side, while he was outside, he was able to take some birthday photos which he posted on Twitter.

Man’s not hot

To end the day, Benjamin’s friend, Temilade took him out to the breakfast club for a luxurious dinner (the irony). I saw colorful pictures from that event. I’m sure they had a nice time.

Benjamin celebrated his birthday from the Wednesday of that week to Saturday. I sent him a cake which I wanted to be delivered to him on Thursday (his birthday) but apparently the cake deliverers decided to play with my feelings. They never delivered it (or maybe they did, but they didn’t leave a trail — a ‘sorry, we missed you’ note). Benjamin had to go and get the cake by himself on Friday night. I felt really bad because first of all, it was supposed to be a surprise and secondly, he was the birthday boy… I didn’t want to stress him. Anyway, I’m sure Benjamin will testify that it was worth the wait. The cake was beautifully done and tasted really nice, according to him.

On Saturday, Ben went paintballing with about 4 of his friends. His friend, Moyo, also came through with a cake for the event.

Can you spot Benji?

In summary, Benjamin had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious birthday. I’m sure it was 10 times better than his last birthday and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.