Confessions Of an Introvert


My name is Tokoni and I am an introvert.

I’m also the President of the Surulere Chapter of the Worldwide Introverts Association (Don’t bother googling it, but contact me on Twitter @InvicTk to join).

So I know your secrets…


You’re an introvert.

This means life is not normal for you.

Sometimes you can smile and talk but after 5 minutes you know the book in your bag or phone needs your attention.

You have no ironed clothes, because you do not expect to go out.

Your best clothes are your jeans and hoodie/sweater. Cause when you need to go out briefly, you can’t go out of your way to attract attention.

When you go to your neighbour’s on a quick errand and you’re asked to sit. Your face says it all.

You are hungry, but you will not eat because everyone else is eating. It helps you lose weight anyway.

When you’re forced to go out visiting, then you come home to meet guests you go.

You do not download Pokemon Go because you know you will NOT go out to play it.

You and your introvert friend have mastered communication without words, contact or even social media.

You know the Rules of being an introvert. You wrote your own rules, these are mine:

Rules of being an introvert

1. Always have a book

2. Always have a music player

3. Never look up walking/sitting

You spend a lot of time in the toilet/bathroom so you can be all alone. Sometimes you just go on the toilet seat and read for hours.

Now because I know your secret and I care, I’ve got some advice.

Being an introvert can be hard. Life is hard, and all fingers are not equal (It would be weird if they were, though).

  1. Happiness is a compromise between solitude and solidarity.
  2. Know when to leave your shell.

You’ll be ok, because deep down you’re most likely not an introvert.

You’re just a human being who knows you’re your best company.