On Love and Jealousy

Why I get Jealous? — I am human.

I can imagine the number of people going through things they never tell anyone about; not because they don’t want to but because there is no one to.

Many friends tend to be insensitive, overtaken by the cares of this world.

Note, at each point in our lives we sit on either of these seats:

  1. Needing Love
  2. Giving Love

I do hope we learn to play our parts well.

Trust me it (love) would be hard showing up, sometimes almost impossible to accomplish but then also trust me on this one, it (the effort) would all be worth it .

Boys and Girls, Father and Son, Mother and Daughter, Teacher and Student e.t.c. I like to believe that what everyone truly desires is LOVE — which includes getting support and respect from the people that matter to us.

What is hindering this show of Love?

  • Jealousy (wait…, it is not entirely a bad thing)

There could be a difference between jealousy and envy, but for the context of this post we would use them interchangeably.

The mere fact that all living organisms can be jealous should make you lower your defence.

I once heard of a story of how 2 monkeys in the same cage being constantly fed Cucumber didn’t complain until one of those days when they served Monkey A, Banana. All of a sudden Monkey B, who was about to eat his cucumber (perhaps happily) for the day, threw it back. Really? but you have been eating Cucumber without complaining so why now? Jealousy!

Some Facts about Jealousy

  1. Jealousy is an emotional reaction — it is stimulated.

We only get jealous of things we care about which includes, the people in our lives.

For instance, it could seem absurd for a footballer to be jealous of Late MJ but Messi/CR7, gladly! Also, should your friend be nominated for an award and you are not, you feel slyed…but he’s your guy…LOL.

So yeah, it is not a SIN (do provide Biblical backing) so long you don’t allow it become one.

2. Jealousy stems from our Competitive instincts.

There are arguments for and against competition. But I guess this quote says it best:

“Competition doesn’t necessarily bring out the best in us it brings out the better” — Benjamin Dada

…to be continued.

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