Happy New Month — May 1

Time to get a hold of our lives before the year runs out

May is the second month in Quarter 2 (Q2) of the year, said captain obvious. Remember the new year resolutions we wrote in January? By now, we should have reported some ‘earnings’ (progress), according to the description of Quarters-of-the-year by Investopedia.

A three-month period on a financial calendar that acts as a basis for the reporting of earnings and the paying of dividends

Oh well, perhaps some of us didn’t pen down any resolutions (e.g., me). While I could argue that was foolish of me because the palest ink is more reliable than the most powerful memory (or variations of it), I would undoubtedly say I’ve achieved some level progress. However, it is difficult to measure my pace since I didn’t have a starting point to serve as a benchmark.

Well, there is something beautiful about new beginnings (see how Japanese people ring it in) and this new month of May has presented us with another. Interestingly, it is a public holiday, akin to the January 1 new beginning. Perhaps, it puts us in the mood to set out resolutions.

So, I made this as a prompt for us:

As a bonus: There are times when we feel like our lives are out of our control. We get sad and many times angry but then what next after that? There is this energy (annoyingly called initial gra gra) that comes from the anger within you, what do you do with it? Do you just use it to cry and then eat, sleep and ‘forget’ all your worries? Let’s challenge ourselves today that whenever such comes up we’ll START something. I always recommend a meaningful (personal) small project that can be easily started and quickly completed …the dopamine from completing it could serve as a motivation and positive reinforcement to take on more.

Hopefully, this would be completed within a month so that by end of Q2 (June) we’ll be able to give a quarterly report on what we’ve been up to.

Remember, we are in this together. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Much love,