It is not YOUR idea! — Go break stuff

You came to me with “your idea” because you thought I might be thinking the same thing

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When I was much younger, I thought ideas were exclusive. I also thought they were the basis upon which people became rich, world-famous et al.

Now that I am a man (at least, I have beards…lol), I know better.

The world has moved from ideas ruling the world to executors of ideas ruling the world.

So, don’t be scared of sharing your idea with a potential co-founder who can help bring it to life.

If you could do it alone then you won’t need to share with anyone. Just go ahead and create an MVP and then get reviews. That way, you can solely “own” the idea with has now been executed into a product.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the fact that copying is a lot of work and as such can never be as good as the original. At least you must have seen a photocopied document, that would give you a clear picture. So, someone can copy the concept, but then the execution is something that can’t be easily copied. To copy, one has to be behind. We all went to school and we know that to cheat, one has to wait for the brilliant guy to make a move then we duplicate mindlessly into our sheets. In doing so, we are bound to make the same mistakes. Hence, a copy can’t be better than the original.

So yeah, stop being scared. Share when necessary and find destiny helpers that might end up becoming co-founders. About the co-founder thing, that one has the idea doesn’t mean her stock should be higher, read what (YC CEO M. Seibel has to say). Note again, ideas don’t rule the world. Many of the businesses we see today, had been conceived a while back. Execution is what determines. Check out the story behind the invention of the aeroplane.

All the best as you move closer towards building the next big thing!

Your friend, 
- Benjamin

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